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Telling Tuesday April 17th

I didn’t forget, I just almost did not remember, but I am here now, and I had an AWESOME day!!!!!

Had not been feeling to well the past few days, so I had an appointment scheduled to see my chiropractor this morning, the man is amazing, so I got up and got myself ready to go and had a few minutes to sit and do my normal morning routine here on the computer, which now consists of scouring stupid Craigslist for goodies for the store, well this morning I hit the BIG TIME! A major corporate retailer is closing one of it’s smaller stores inside one of our malls, so the manager posted a note stating that a store was closing, and that they had a few floor fixtures up for grabs, if anyone would like them, well it had been up a few mins. already when I saw it, but went for it anyway, this was a dream come true for me, so I wrote him a quick note, and this is what I said, 

On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 7:09 AM, Leila Osborn <> wrote:

Good morning, You are amazing! I am in the process of opening a thrift store and have been searching for pretty much everything you have, and I would love you forever, if you would allow me to pick them up from you, I have the use of 3 trucks, and we are available most any time, just tell me when and we can be there.
Thank you a million and 1 times.
Sent my note and off to the shower I went, and when I got back to my desk after my shower, this is what I found in my inbox.
From: ron
To: Leila Osborn
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 7:32 AM
Subject: Re: Store fixtures
Simply calling me ‘amazing’ puts you at the top of the  I am waiting for final comformation that I am allowed to do this.  I was told to ‘put out feelers’ to see what response I would have.  I also like your idea of starting your own business and know that this stuff would be put to good use.  Let me hear back from the people above me and hopefully everything will be fine.
Thank you for your response and I will get back to you asap.
I have had many people ask, but you are the only person I have responded to, just so you know.  I work all day today, so hopefully will be able to give you a response tomorrow morning.
Well, I am sure you can guess that this made my day, so I go to my chiropractor, get adjusted, and head straight back home, pick up the boys, and head over to the store to check out all my new goodies, and OMG this is so huge, I can fill two stores with what they are giving me, so I have a U-Haul reserved for next Thursday, when I get to go back and pick everything up. 
And I just realized that today is the 17th so we have exactly 1 month to move in, but I am not counting or anything. 
You all have a great night and I will chat with you again on Thursday.
Hugs L.


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Telling Tuesday April 10th

Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday, it is an absolutely beautiful morning this morning and we know it is going to be a GREAT day!

Only 52 more day’s until our $10.00 Thrift Store Grand Opening!!! Woo HOO! I am not excited or anything No no no! : ) Our inventory room is filling up and looking good.

Going to go hang out with my Josie cat this afternoon, and we are going on a field trip again today, we will be meeting momma at WinCo. after work, since it is on her way home, easier for us to meet her there then for her to come home, pick us up then go back, our very first outing alone other than the walk around the lake at their condo.  She is getting so big, and looks great now, I am so proud of her.

I read somewhere last week that this Sunday April 15th is NO GAS day, so mark your calendars and tell your friends to stay away from the gas pumps this Sunday.

Our clothing swap was a big success last Saturday, everyone went away happy, which always makes me happy.

Earlier this morning we announced our Business of the month, Something Sweet Bakery , we do hope you stop by and see them on the 20th.  in Ahwatukee.

Well my tummy is telling me I must go find food, so you all have a GREAT day and I will chat with you again on Thursday!

Hugs L.




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Telling Tuesday April 3rd, on Wednesday again

OK so fire, me, no thoughts last Thursday, and I am a day late again for Telling Tuesday. Sorry, I was busy yesterday working on plans for the new store, if I have not mentioned it yet, we are opening up a thrift store on June 1st. here is all the info on the new Az. $10.00 Thrift Store, as I was working on that I received a text from my new friend who told me he was on his way over to hang for a while, which of course halted all store thoughts and put me in high gear as I still looked like yesterday’s leftovers, and had a fun night of drowning in night sweats, nothing like middle age life as a woman I tell you. So off to the shower I went so I could at least be clean when he got here, and well his visit took over the rest of the afternoon until I had to leave to sit with my Josie cat, who is getting bigger and better by the day. 

We spent the afternoon designing new business cards, postcards, & gift certificates for for his store, Phoenix Gear & Nutrition (his places page on fb is looking for likes, by the way) just a heads up, for those of you in the Phoenix, area, he will be May’s 20 on the 20th business of the month, it is a Sunday, and we would love for you all to stop by and say hi! 

I had a great evening with my Josie cat, we took a walk, played, and ate twice she is becoming quite the little piggy she is, then when momma got home we went on a field trip to the new WinCo, store on 7th Av. and Bell Rd. the store was insane, for a Tuesday evening at 6:30, totally packed, you would have thought it was the only grocery store within miles, and I can guarantee you it is not, I am thinking they will definitely give Wal-Mart a run for their money only a mile away. 

For now my pc is working, but I am not sure for how much longer it keeps crashing on me, and I get what Mr. T. calls the blue screen of death, I am praying it will last a few more weeks, before it totally crashes and dies an ugly death. 

My baby boy is going out job hunting today, we got his resume all typed up and ready to go, he looks really good on paper if I do say so myself, putting him to work with me the past 5 years, catering and hosting vendor events, etc. and volunteering at the library with their big events looks good on paper, which I am hoping will help land him a little better of a job than Taco Bell.

We have a busy day today, so I must leave you, you all take care of you and until tomorrow, smile and have a GREAT day.

Hugs L.


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Telling Tuesday March27th

Wow where has the month gone already, I found this on BlogHer a few days ago, and thought it worth sharing.

Should You Put Your Personal Blog on Your Résumé?

March 26, 2012 7:25 am by Jacqui MacKenzie in Blogging & Social Media

Sharing your personal blog within your professional environment can improve or destroy your career. It all depends on the jobs you’re applying for, your blog and you. Here, I’ll go over some of the pros and cons of putting your blog on your résumé.

Yes! Your blog is awesome, and it might help you land a job.

Telling potential employers about your blog can have its benefits, especially if you maintain a well-written, prominent blog that is relevant to your desired industry.

  • Establish yourself as an expert. If you manage a blog about current social media trends, and you’re applying for a position at an Internet marketing agency, then your blog can help showcase your expertise.
  • Show your passion and dedication. The fact that you write about social media in your spare time lets potential employers know that you’re passionate when it comes to this subject matter. A blog that has a large following can also display your dedication to the blog and ability to grow and engage an audience.
  • Provide writing samples. If you’re applying for a writing position, your blog can be a perfect opportunity to provide writing samples. For instance, putting your personal food blog on a résumé for a restaurant reviewing position shows employers your ability to write knowledgably about food.
  • Showcase your skills. A blog can boast your writing skills, Web design skills, photography skills. Let hiring managers know what you’re capable of.
  • Stand out from the crowd. When the final decision is between you and another candidate, your personal blog can give you that nudge that employers need to offer the job to you.
  • Let them know you’re normal. One purpose of the job interview is to let hiring managers know that you’re not a psycho. Your blog can also tell them a little bit more about you, and if you’re likeable, then all the better.

No … Your blog is personal. Keep it that way.

There are also some things that you should just keep off your résumé altogether, and a link to your blog might be one of them.

  • Too personal can get inappropriate. What’s your blog about? If you’re just posting random photos or telling funny stories about nights at the bar, you’re probably better off keeping that content away from your résumé . You never know what can offend people, and rubbing a potential employer the wrong way before you even get an interview can be a great way to lose a job opportunity.
  • Your blog is informal and unprofessional. Unappealing design, poor writing, grammar mistakes and typos – these are all things that can turn hiring managers off.
  • Your blog is irrelevant to the position. Maybe you have a beautiful photography blog, but you’re applying for an accounting position. Focus yourrésumé on skills that are relevant to the position and make you a stronger candidate, not on your hobbies.
  • They really don’t care. Potential employers are likely just skimming yourrésumé , and don’t have the time to bother clicking on your blog. There’s a good chance that they don’t even notice it in the first place.

Take a close look at your blog and weigh the pros and cons before you decide to put it on your résumé. If you’re seriously in doubt, just leave it out. You can always mention it in your interview if your hobbies, interests or other skills come up.

Do you have a personal blog? Would you ever put it on your résumé?




Jacqui MacKenzie is a writer for Straight North, an Internet marketing agency that specializes in social media, SEO, Web design and more. Jacqui writes for a wide range of B2B clients, from payment processors that simplify credit card donations for non-profits, to safety equipment providers that offer cheap gloves in bulk. Check out the Straight North Blog, follow @StraightNorth on Twitter or see what’s inspiring us on Pinterest!

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Telling Tuesday March 20th

I found an article similar to this one, “Cash mobs’ descend on small businesses, snap up merchandise a few months ago, and it lead to me starting Arizona’s 20 on the 20 and it was suggested to me that I share it with all the local Arizona media, so that is what I have been doing this morning.

20 on the 20 is Arizona’s shop at a local business day.

What is 20-on-the-20?

On the 10th of each month, I will post a 20 on the 20 Business of the month; we have picked each business we will feature, because they are a home grown, local small business, giving you all enough time to make plans to stop by and visit the featured business on the 20th of the month and spend at least $20.00 there, none of these businesses will be for warned unless they happen to read my posts, or get the e-mail. I will send an e-mail out to all my friends, post it on my blog, and, add it to Craigslist’s event calendar.

You can either visit us on Facebook or here on our 20 on the 20 page to see who today’s business is!

You all have a Terrific Tuesday and I will chat with you all again on Thursday!!!

Hugs L.

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Telling Tuesday, March 6th

I am totally excited about us being out in Surprise this weekend, here is the info., so you can stop by and join us.

Word of Life Lutheran Church Carnival,
17525 W. Bell Rd

Friday, March 9
5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Sat, March 10
10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Sun, March 11
Noon – 5:00 p.m.

If you have not heard yet, we have a new thrift store opening soon, and we are totally excited!

The Arizona’s $10.00 Thrift Store Inside SwapSmart

Grand Opening June 2012


27th Av. & Camelback Rd.

Store Hours

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

I would also like to introduce to you all my friend Von, he is a personal trainer and nutritionist, as soon as he has his website and Facebook page up and running, I will gladly share them with you all, but until then, if you are looking for some training in either aspect or both stop on by and say Hi, and tell him I sent you.


Phoenix Gear & Nutrition

5115 N. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85017

Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Friday – Sunday

Phone: 623.205.9788


Phone rang, and T. came home for lunch and now I am lost, and hungry, so I am going to leave you with my 3 bits of exciting news, and go find food, then off to sit with my most favorite Josie, you all have a good afternoon and I will chat with you again on Thursday!

Hugs L.

PS. Thank you Amelia and Greg for lunch it was GREAT!!!

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Telling Tuesday on Wed. Feb. 29th

I did not forget Telling Tuesday yesterday, I just did not remember before I got a headache and went to bed, so we are a day late, but it has to be the thought that counts, so I am sharing with you all the Grand Opening of Crafter’s Town, please enjoy your visit!

Subject: Announcing Crafterstown: a brand new handcrafted marketplace

You’re Invited to the Grand Opening of

It’s Official. is open to the public and you’re invited to take a first look at our brand new handcrafted marketplace by visiting

CraftersTown is a unique marketplace handcrafted specifically for the crafting community by passionate crafters. We understand the love and commitment that goes into each item you make and it’s our goal to give you the opportunity to share your creations with the world. has a variety of membership plans ranging from our no-upfront-cost Basic Plan to our Monthly & Annual Premium Plans that include exclusive features and zero listing or commission fees. At crafterstown, there’s a membership plan for every level of crafter. To see a comparision of our membership plans, please visit our membership page.

We’re excited to help you share your passion with the world and thrilled to invite you to be a part of the crafterstown community.
The Crafterstown Team
By the way….. we’d love your help in telling the world about Crafterstown. Help us make Crafterstown even better by forwarding this email to a friend.

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