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You will find all the latest happenings from Cello In A Box & the Az. Filler Pack here in Boutique News!

To tired to have thoughts today, other than we picked up all our store fixtures that were donated to us by Footlocker, so with that I am happy. Please enjoy our beautiful state.


Arizona Highways

For over twenty years National Park Service (NPS) personnel and commercial river guides have joined together on Co-operative Resource trips in Grand Canyon National Park. These trips began as volunteer opportunities for river guides to give back to the valuable natural resources of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, and a way for guides to interact with and get to know the NPS employees that actively manage the resources. According to Mark Pillar of Arizona River Runners, the long-time Colorado River outfitter began participating in Co-operative Resource trips in 1991, donating their facilities and equipment year after year and drawing in guides from other river outfitters. Pillar says, “Over the years, these trips continued and evolved to give each outfitter a chance to outfit and actually pay their guides to participate. Although the funding and acronyms may have changed, the spirit of the trips remained the same – Grand…

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Here are my thoughts for the day, I am thinking you all might like this article so I am sharing it with you.

Enjoy your weekend and I will chat with you next Tuesday,.

The Daily Post

At a WordPress conference this past weekend, I learned about an online service called Wordnik that brings social interaction to online dictionary use. In addition to a word of the day, a blog, and some community features, the site has a pretty snappy search engine and provides etymologies, synonyms, contexts, pronunciations, and the ability to save word lists (for example “words I’d like to use one day”). The site also aggregates tweets and Flickr images relevant to a given word, and you can comment on and tag words to add metadata of your own. I haven’t played with it much, but it looks kind of neat. If you’re a word nerd like me, maybe Wordnik will be up your alley; I’m still trying to figure out a good way to incorporate it seamlessly into my reading and writing on the web.

Poking around at the Wordnik site got me to…

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Loved this post, and thought it was quite worthy of a beautiful spring day repost.

AJ's Trash2Treasure BLOG

I pretty much ALWAYS have some beachy decor items in my space at Stars.  But I usually create most of them all at the same time; once or twice a year.  A couple of sunny spring days usually gets me in the mood for creating some beach goodies.  Here’s what I done lately:

Big 1 liter bottle partially filled with sand and shells, and a fingerling starfish as a topper.  If the starfish isn’t big enough to perfectly fit the hole, and seldom do I find a ‘perfect fit’!; I wrap a bit of white string around the starfish until I get a nice tight fit. Add a little e6000 adhesive to the string to permanently hold the starfish in place.  

(I always ‘glue down’ small parts like this whenever possible.  This prevents the starfish from ‘accidentally’ jumping into someone’s purse of pocket; AND prevents the curious child from…

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Telling Tuesday, Feb. 14th and a Happy Valentines Day to you! I will share with you today this sweet post from my Fav. Stitch and Purl, I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I am totally excited, today is my first day at the new job, babysitting my fav. little Josephine, she is such a doll and it will be so nice spending time with a new born again, enjoying the quiet time, and beauty of a baby, such a big difference between that and my house full of teenage kids of a regular basis.

Speaking of my house, don’t forget my Vault Denim Open House this Sunday at 3:00 we would love to have you stop by if you are in town let me know if you need my address and I will send it to you. If it is not raining on Saturday we will be at the Mighty Cup Market from 10 – 3ish. if you can not make it over on Sunday we would love to see you on Saturday.

I must run, you all have a splendid day and I will chat with you again on Thursday.

Hugs from me to you L.

Stitch and Purl

Valentine’s Day is not something we mark especially in our family – but still, any opportunity to think of the ones we love, ourselves, and maybe others we don’t know well but who need it, with kindness and love, is an opportunity well spent.
And who doesn’t need a little kindness and love at any opportunity.

Happy Valentine’s to you all..

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Successful Sunday Feb. 12th

Since I have not sat down to read yet, I will share with you a few helpful tips from the Success Factory


Here we are halfway through February do you have a plan yet?

The Success Factory
Store Front - The Success Factory Product Search - The Success Factory

Today’s Tip

Subject: Your plan for 2012

Do you have a plan yet for 2012? It should be not only a business plan, but physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional (family) plan.  

We are into week 2 of the New Year and it is time to GET IT DONE!   Once you have made a plan, share it with the important people in your life; your family, spouse or significant other. Take some time to discuss what went well in 2011 and what you’d like to change in 2012.  

It is important to have accountability when goal setting. By sharing your goals with your family members, they will help you to stay on track. This is also a great role model and training in life for those of you with children. Encourage them to goal set as well!   Perhaps there is a particular subject in school that they’d like to improve on – or, maybe they would like to work to keep their room cleaner simply by making their bed daily. Write everyone’s goals down and post them somewhere visible in your home; then, work together to establish new healthy and productive habits for the New Year.

Thanks for respecting our copyright by including our company information when you share these tips with others.
Copyright 2012 by The Success Factory All Rights Reserved

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Wednesday’s Website Jan. 25th

Come on don’t be shy, Get your business into the Arizona Filler Pack bags today!

Do you, own a small business?
Have you started your own venture?
Are you an Independent Contractor or Sales Rep?

Do you have a Blog that you would love to share with the world?

Are you, getting tired of your office job and thinking about being your own boss?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you can come on in and join others that are in the same position.

The Arizona Filler Pack is meant for small business and entrepreneurs to help you grow and in the process build solid relationships for the future.

There is nothing like synergy, & the AZ. Filler Pack to help expand not only your business but yourself.

~~~~~WHAT WE DO~~~~~

We add between 20 – 25 different businesses to each bag, & we currently fill 500 bags every 2 months.

~~~~~ FUN IDEAS! ~~~~~

Think about what YOU would like to see in a bag full of goodies, if someone handed a bag to you.

How about some discount, BOGO or FREE Shipping Coupons, Samples, samples and more samples, how about some business card magnets or a notepad, they will now see your name each time they use it, a koozie & logo calendars will go much further than that postcard or flyer, but of course we will always gladly accept those too, and who can’t use a new key ring, or how about some fun buttons or mini gift bags.

The AZ. Filler Pack, would love to help you expand your customer base and marketing potential. We are here to help give you a broader market for your business, with a way to test new advertising areas, at a very economical low cost way to get your business out to new potential customers.

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