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Me, Leila Osborn:

I am an Arizona Native, sole owner of the AZ. Filler Pack Advertising Co., the My-Tee Scarf, and the AZ. $10.00 Thrift Store opening on June 1st, I am also a Lead for Cello In A Box. Plus I am a proud blog owner!

I have been interested in the Direct Sales industry on & off for about 25 years, I dove into the Party Plan industry after I had my Trenton 16 years ago, and I love it, spending time with 1 company or another, and have learned a lot along the way, I remember going to my 1st party shortly after I turned 18 with my mother, she was invited and thought it sounded like a fun time, so we went, little did she realize it was an “Adult” themed party, and she was a bit embarrassed.

One of the 1st companies I signed with was a lingerie company that went out of business, and then a cook wear company who also did not last. I dropped it for a while, but still enjoyed going to, and hosting parties.  Then in 2006 I decided to dive back in full force, and was talked into joining PartyLite, that did not last because it really was not what I wanted to do.

I joined a company called ChicPursenality, in 2007 and  loved it, but that company did not last either, at 1 point I found a shoe company, which had ME ME ME written all over it, I was all over it, and totally excited, my Rep. disappeared, and the company folded as quickly as it started.

Somewhere along the way I heard about Tomboy Tools, which I loved and still do, people just did not seem to take it seriously, DiamondCreek Candles, loved the look, but not the product or the company & Cello In a Box, which is not so much a party plan co. but is a direct sales co., that helps people who Rep. for other larger companies, enhance and show their products with a lot more pizzazz! I have been with CIAB for over 5 years now, am a lead with about 15 people on my team and love everything about the company and the products.

After having my hands in many different direct sales companies, and finally figuring out that if I cannot make 1 work, I probably cannot make 5 or 6 work, all at the same time, I dropped all but my favorite Cello In A Box and started the Arizona Filler Pack, Your Small Business Advertising Source (which came from the Mom Pack) while managing a Farmers Market in Northeast Mesa in 2009. 

Along with the farmers market, I also manage my own craft fairs and vendor events and have been doing so happily for over 6 years now. I do my best to learn just enough about each company so that if while at an event, and 1 of the ladies, needed to take a break I could step in and manage their booth without too many problems.

My first adventure into networking was the AZ. Home Show Women’s Group in 2006 that I started to help me get on the right track with one of the many direct sales co.’s I had at the time. I met a lot of awesome women, from our AZ. HSW group, and have made many very wonderful friends, and have learned allot about the many different direct sales companies that are out there today, at one time we had almost 400 Reps. in the group, from all over Arizona, but since only a hand full only participated, I went in with the help of one of my Fav. peeps and we cleaned house and removed over 300 members. I HATE nothing more than people who join groups, just to say they did, (I belong to 12 different networking groups, but don’t do anything with even 1), that irks me to no end. If you have no intention of participating in a group of any sort, don’t join just because you can. I also HATE having fake fans, DO NOT like my fan page if you really have no interest in it, it is NOT about #’s to me, there is NO point in having 5,000 fans, when only 100 of them really care about what you have to say. Do Not like my page then tell me; hey I liked your page for you now it is only fair that you like mine, because I am a number whore. I can guarantee you it will NEVER happen!

Managing an online group is much harder than it sounds, even online, personalities clash, and mine is a strong one.

I merged the AZ. HSW group with the Az. Small Business Networking Group in 2011, after I met my friend Barry Johnson, towards the end of 2010, where we worked happily together for about a year, I decided to hand the group back over to Barry in Sept. 2011 so that I can focus on the new addition to my family, who has since then left me, I was a bit broken hearted but I moved on.

I decided I was done with direct sales, and was just going to put my focus on the Arizona Filler Pack, The Mighty Cup Market and the AZ. Book & Clothing Exchange, which all work together, so with no direct sales companies any more, I decided to start making scarves, I found a pattern for a NO sewing required scarf, and thought hell I can do that, so I did and The My-Tee Scarf was born, then somewhere around October of 2011, I came up with the idea to start a thrift store, that focused on our focus for the book and clothing exchange, I liked the thought but did not pursue it, at the time. 

I worked an event the 1st weekend of March 2012, at the Phoenix SwapSmart and it must have been meant to be, because I will soon be opening my new AZ. $10.00 Thrift Store, there, in June. Before the event, mall management and owner had just happened to be talking about looking for an event coordinator and putting a thrift store in there, and I just happened to have both. Lucky ME! 

On a personal front, I am a huge Winnie the Pooh fan, love, love, love, Dove Chocolate Discoveries Dark Chocolate, and a Decaf-Pepsi-a-holic. I am a country music fan to the core, I have finally made it to the 21st century and just got my first Android phone at the end of July 2011 so now I can keep up with all my advanced friends, well I am trying anyway. I cannot truthfully say that having a phone smarter than me is such a good thing.

I have 2 wonderful boys, Jason & Trenton whom I adore and no pets. When I read it is usually Ken Follet or John Grisham I am a huge fan of both.

For the most part I am a home body, but love to go hang out and party with my girls now and again, nothing like an afternoon with the girls trying on wigs, and playing dress up, with Kika Paprika. Learning what fun new exciting things Pampered Chef has come up with, or running your fingers through the luxurious softness of Private Quarter’s luxury bedding and bath products, and can’t forget the excitement of a Jordan Essentials Spa laced with Dove Chocolate Discoveries, with a dose of my Favorite Mia Bella Candles Queen thrown in between.

I am loving life and have many great friends to help me on the path to helping all of you!!!

My most UN-favorite question on any application is, “How would your FRIENDS describe you” personally I hate this question & my answer is, I don’t know ask my friends”. So here I am asking all of my friends who know me personally, how would YOU describe me? So next time I can answer that question truthfully.

Leila ‘Kennedy’ Brenner •

Fun, intelligent, strong, goal orientated… wow, those came easy and I’ve only met you once, but think you are GREAT! Motivated is the other word I was looking for, but lack of sleep wouldn’t let it form until now! =0)

Deni Czulno: Strong, honest, outgoing, bold, big heart, motivated, determined, encourager, tells it like it is, true….

Joi Hayes Strohmeyer:  A getter done of things with a creative flair. Willing to go above and beyond to make whatever she is doing the best. Leila is able to take a suggestion to the next level to make it work not only for her but for others. The people she is working for will be very lucky to have her on their team! Those not on her team, watch out cuz you may be run over with her doing very best at no matter what she tries.

Faithann Inman-Dupuis: Wow, think they about covered it other than the fact you are a beautiful & amazing woman & best friend anyone could ever ask for. Definitely speak your mind, no sugar coating *lol* Love ya bunches Sunshine!!

Jenn Keysow: You are loyal to a fault a true friend. You take care of all those around you. You are funny, beautiful, sassy and sarcastic… one of the best people I know and someone I trust with anything even my life … Love you

Cynthia Gough Ellerington: MOXIE with heart!!! I don’t know that I would put that on a resume, but WTH!

Pat Bergstedt: Well…….let’s see here…LOYAL is the first thing that comes to mind. Leila is fiercely loyal to those she loves. Caring, and dependable, of course fun, very positive thinker. She is determined and one of the best people that I know. Leila is someone that I constantly find myself being thankful for the fact that she is in my life!

Michael Simms: Heaart, Loyal, Personal, and a true friend.

Marianne Courter Randall: Patient, loyal, dedicated to what is important to her and her family, you can always count on Leila to be there in a pinch when you need her, she is a planner, organizer and she has the energizer bunny energy…and I’m really proud to call her my friend.

One response to “About Me

  1. I think she is great. She has a way of making you feel like you are important. She is motivated and a go-getter. And a great model to follow. Thanks, Leila!

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