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In Friday’s Favorites, I will showcase something posted from one of my favorite blogs I follow.

Friday’s Fav. Finds March 30th


From Shaken Together

Fin de Friday – Upcycled Altoid Tins & The WINNERS

   If you’re new here, Fin de Friday loosely interpreted = “end of Friday” = weekend!!  
One of my co-workers was moving to a different office and stopped by my desk this week.  With a box of empty Altoid tins.  “Wasn’t I saving these for you for something?”  Well now that you mention it – YES!!  And this week’s Fin de Friday project was born:

Fresh breath AND fresh ideas!!
And without further ado, the HOW-TO:
To see how she turned those old cans into something fun and new stop by
From Snips and Spice

Anthropologie Inspired Tote

A couple weeks ago, I guest posted this tutorial on I Heart Naptime with Chocolate Sundaes.  Have you been to Jamielynn’s blog?  You should definitely check it out if you haven’t.  In case you missed the tutorial, here it is!

Anthropologie’s Tote
A few days ago I saw this picture on Anthropologie, and I couldn’t wait to try making this bag.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $500 to spend on a tote.  Are you ready?  Here’s what you’ll need:
To learn how to make this adorable tote yourself, stop by
From Stephanie at Home

Too Hot to Handle!

You know the problem with laptops is that you can’t actually put them on your lap! Well that is unless you’re into third degree burns! Sure it’s all fun and blogging until 15 minutes later when my skin is burning from the heat of my computer. The solution? A lap desk, kind of like this orthis.

it’s a cushioned board where I can sit my laptop and to the right there’s a chalkboard (finally jumped on that bandwagon!) where I can jot down quick notes or I can use the space to put my notebook for my detailed notes. Here’s how I did it, but first the supplies:

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Friday’s Fav. Finds March 23rd.


From My Wonderfully Made

Tiny Table Facelift & First Chalk Paint Project


I found this little table at my local thrift store marked $15.00 but it was of course “Half Off Furniture Day”.  As you can see from the pictures, it was in pretty sad shape but I liked the details on the top, legs and the lines of it.
From Petite Hermine

Sunday Linky Party #4 + Goodies

Welcome to Petite Hermine’s Sunday Linky Party! It’s time to share some great finds from last week’s posts for you.

Make your own nautical (or any other type of) painted pillow with a tutorial by the crafty cpa! 🙂
From Sew Much Ado

Maxi Skirt Tutorial

The Maxi Skirt. They’re everywhere right now. They’re long, they’re flowing, and the best part is they’re comfortable. They bring a feminine bohemian vibe that I can’t resist.
To see how this beautiful skirt was made head on over to

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Friday’s Favorites March 16th


From Liz Marie

Coffee Filter Lamp Shade…

… When I told people this past weekend that I was making a lamp shade out of coffee filters, they thought I was crazy, okay okay… Maybe I am a little crazy, but this lamp shade is stinkin’ cute…

  Did I mention this lamp makeover was only $1.00(+ Tax). Heck yes!!! Coffee filters from the dollar store. Win. I fell in love with this lamp shade when I was done making it & I couldn’t believe it was made out of coffee filters.. even though I made it & burnt my fingers gluing every little coffee filter “flower” on the shade.
From Love Sweet Love

What’s Up Weekly Board

I have a very inquisitive 4 year old and an impatiently persistent 2 year old that are both interested in time, yet at different places in their understanding of it. For example conversations with my 4 year old go like this:

From Crafty Girls Workshop
Book Bags
My weekend of family and friends has wound down and I am exhausted! So, before falling asleep, I thought I would show you three of the several bags I made when  I went to San Diego. These are used as book bags, and they work great! 

These bags will hold 6 to 8 scrapbook or craft magazines that we all so love to look at when we are on a long drive! 🙂
To read the rest of this great post stop by

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Friday’s Fav. Finds March 2nd

From Little Sprinkles of Fun

Recycled Magazine Flowers

You all know how I love the Family Fun Magazine! This is an activity that I found in the magazine several years ago! I tried to find the link, but did not have much luck. I am sure it is on there somewhere…who knows!
You will need a :

To see more of this great post stop by her website at

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Friday’s Fav. Finds Feb. 24th

Fav. #1

from I am Momma Hear me Roar

Feature Friday – car caddy

Did all of you see this fabulous idea floating in the blog world a few months ago?  It’s from Homemade by Jill and you can find her awesome tutorial here.  She has some amazing ideas on her blog.  When I saw this one I knew I would have to make it.  If you haven’t seen her felt playhouse, then you have to head over.
I changed mine up a bit to fit our needs.  You see, we happened to have all of my husband’s childhood Micro Machines.  Remember those?  Rex loves them, so I made him a cozy caddy for those.
To read the rest of this fun post check out her website at

Fav. Find #2

From In My Spare Time

Long-Sleeve T-Dress

I made this dress from a long sleeve t-shirt from Wal-mart that was getting a little too small for my one year old (when her tummy is hanging out of the shirt I know its time for a refashion:)
I took the t-shirt and tried it on my daughter to figure out where I wanted to cut it off. I wanted to keep the ribbon and bow, so I decided to cut it a little under that.

To read the rest of this fun post, stop by their website at

Fav. #3

From Jembellish

Sundress upcycle to shoulder bag

A couple of years ago, a friend brought back these beautiful dresses from Bali for my daughters. They did wear them a couple of times, but then told me they felt too scratchy and uncomfy, and so they’ve been hanging in their wardrobe ever since, unused and unloved! Which is a shame because the fabric is beautiful!  So I decided that we’d make use of them in a different way! Time for some upcycling!

To read how to make this bag yourself, stop by her website at

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Friday’s Fav. Finds Feb. 17th

Fav. #1

From Creating by Cami

Business in the Front – Party in the Back

Strange title right? That phrase seems to be my husbands favorite for defining a mullet. I made a dress that reminds me of a mullet – well, rather my husbands definition of one.

Business in the front.

To see the rest of this great dress check out her website at

Fav. #2

From Creative Juices Deco

Wine bottles, spray paint and chalk–Oh my!

As I was strolling down the yellow brick road through Michaels craft store I stumbled upon a collection of red tagged clearance spray paint bottles.  One of them happened to be spray chalk paint.  I have never used the chalk paint before but from what I can tell off BlogLand that stuff rocks!  So I came home and it sat in the garage forever figured out a fun craft using my bottle of $1.99 chalk paint


To read the rest of this great post, check out her post here

Fav. Find #3

From A day in the life

Easy Peasy Leggings Tutorial

Yep, you have them too.
Maybe you got rid of the maternity pants, but I bet you have a pair of knit pants
hanging out in the “Donate Me”  pile.
To see the great transformation from maternity pants to little leggings see the rest of the post at

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Friday’s Fav. Finds Feb. 10th

Since I have over 100 favorite finds saved to post I decided I better add another page or 2 to the post, so here we go.

Favorite #1 From Classy Clutter

Felt Flower Pillow to DIE FOR! {with Tutorial!} 🙂

Have you ever fallen head over heels in LOVE with a pillow? Be honest!  Well, it happens to me all the time. I had a full-on, head over heels, obsessive, CRUSH on this little guy! Savannah and I might have had a full on brawl fighting over this guy! UNTIL….
We looked at the price tag. $49.95. WHAT???? ARE YOU STRAIGHT SERIOUS?? ITS A PILLOW!???!!!!! Shame on you Z-Gallerie!!!! Let’s just say, it was like the biggest turn off ever! We left the store, pillowless. Still, I couldn’t get him off my mind.

To read the rest of this fun pillow post, stop by

Favorite Find # 2 by Craftberry Bush

Spring Mantel…

Nature sits dormant under a white, cold blanket.
To learn more about this awesome project stop by and check out

Favorite Find #3 from Coming up Rosemary!

favorite t-shirt dress.

Today was my little girl’s last full day of preschool. It’s not completely over – she still goes one day next week, but so do the parents for a picnic and a program. What this means is that today was also my last full day to myself. I figured that I had better use the day wisely and there have been two big things on my To-Do list for awhile. The first is to reorganize the kitchen cabinets and the second is to make a dress out of upcycled t-shirts.

Can you guess which option won?

To see how this adorable dress was made stop on by

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