Telling Tuesday April 10th

Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday, it is an absolutely beautiful morning this morning and we know it is going to be a GREAT day!

Only 52 more day’s until our $10.00 Thrift Store Grand Opening!!! Woo HOO! I am not excited or anything No no no! : ) Our inventory room is filling up and looking good.

Going to go hang out with my Josie cat this afternoon, and we are going on a field trip again today, we will be meeting momma at WinCo. after work, since it is on her way home, easier for us to meet her there then for her to come home, pick us up then go back, our very first outing alone other than the walk around the lake at their condo.  She is getting so big, and looks great now, I am so proud of her.

I read somewhere last week that this Sunday April 15th is NO GAS day, so mark your calendars and tell your friends to stay away from the gas pumps this Sunday.

Our clothing swap was a big success last Saturday, everyone went away happy, which always makes me happy.

Earlier this morning we announced our Business of the month, Something Sweet Bakery , we do hope you stop by and see them on the 20th.  in Ahwatukee.

Well my tummy is telling me I must go find food, so you all have a GREAT day and I will chat with you again on Thursday!

Hugs L.




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