Telling Tuesday April 3rd, on Wednesday again

OK so fire, me, no thoughts last Thursday, and I am a day late again for Telling Tuesday. Sorry, I was busy yesterday working on plans for the new store, if I have not mentioned it yet, we are opening up a thrift store on June 1st. here is all the info on the new Az. $10.00 Thrift Store, as I was working on that I received a text from my new friend who told me he was on his way over to hang for a while, which of course halted all store thoughts and put me in high gear as I still looked like yesterday’s leftovers, and had a fun night of drowning in night sweats, nothing like middle age life as a woman I tell you. So off to the shower I went so I could at least be clean when he got here, and well his visit took over the rest of the afternoon until I had to leave to sit with my Josie cat, who is getting bigger and better by the day. 

We spent the afternoon designing new business cards, postcards, & gift certificates for for his store, Phoenix Gear & Nutrition (his places page on fb is looking for likes, by the way) just a heads up, for those of you in the Phoenix, area, he will be May’s 20 on the 20th business of the month, it is a Sunday, and we would love for you all to stop by and say hi! 

I had a great evening with my Josie cat, we took a walk, played, and ate twice she is becoming quite the little piggy she is, then when momma got home we went on a field trip to the new WinCo, store on 7th Av. and Bell Rd. the store was insane, for a Tuesday evening at 6:30, totally packed, you would have thought it was the only grocery store within miles, and I can guarantee you it is not, I am thinking they will definitely give Wal-Mart a run for their money only a mile away. 

For now my pc is working, but I am not sure for how much longer it keeps crashing on me, and I get what Mr. T. calls the blue screen of death, I am praying it will last a few more weeks, before it totally crashes and dies an ugly death. 

My baby boy is going out job hunting today, we got his resume all typed up and ready to go, he looks really good on paper if I do say so myself, putting him to work with me the past 5 years, catering and hosting vendor events, etc. and volunteering at the library with their big events looks good on paper, which I am hoping will help land him a little better of a job than Taco Bell.

We have a busy day today, so I must leave you, you all take care of you and until tomorrow, smile and have a GREAT day.

Hugs L.



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