Telling Tuesday March27th

Wow where has the month gone already, I found this on BlogHer a few days ago, and thought it worth sharing.

Should You Put Your Personal Blog on Your Résumé?

March 26, 2012 7:25 am by Jacqui MacKenzie in Blogging & Social Media

Sharing your personal blog within your professional environment can improve or destroy your career. It all depends on the jobs you’re applying for, your blog and you. Here, I’ll go over some of the pros and cons of putting your blog on your résumé.

Yes! Your blog is awesome, and it might help you land a job.

Telling potential employers about your blog can have its benefits, especially if you maintain a well-written, prominent blog that is relevant to your desired industry.

  • Establish yourself as an expert. If you manage a blog about current social media trends, and you’re applying for a position at an Internet marketing agency, then your blog can help showcase your expertise.
  • Show your passion and dedication. The fact that you write about social media in your spare time lets potential employers know that you’re passionate when it comes to this subject matter. A blog that has a large following can also display your dedication to the blog and ability to grow and engage an audience.
  • Provide writing samples. If you’re applying for a writing position, your blog can be a perfect opportunity to provide writing samples. For instance, putting your personal food blog on a résumé for a restaurant reviewing position shows employers your ability to write knowledgably about food.
  • Showcase your skills. A blog can boast your writing skills, Web design skills, photography skills. Let hiring managers know what you’re capable of.
  • Stand out from the crowd. When the final decision is between you and another candidate, your personal blog can give you that nudge that employers need to offer the job to you.
  • Let them know you’re normal. One purpose of the job interview is to let hiring managers know that you’re not a psycho. Your blog can also tell them a little bit more about you, and if you’re likeable, then all the better.

No … Your blog is personal. Keep it that way.

There are also some things that you should just keep off your résumé altogether, and a link to your blog might be one of them.

  • Too personal can get inappropriate. What’s your blog about? If you’re just posting random photos or telling funny stories about nights at the bar, you’re probably better off keeping that content away from your résumé . You never know what can offend people, and rubbing a potential employer the wrong way before you even get an interview can be a great way to lose a job opportunity.
  • Your blog is informal and unprofessional. Unappealing design, poor writing, grammar mistakes and typos – these are all things that can turn hiring managers off.
  • Your blog is irrelevant to the position. Maybe you have a beautiful photography blog, but you’re applying for an accounting position. Focus yourrésumé on skills that are relevant to the position and make you a stronger candidate, not on your hobbies.
  • They really don’t care. Potential employers are likely just skimming yourrésumé , and don’t have the time to bother clicking on your blog. There’s a good chance that they don’t even notice it in the first place.

Take a close look at your blog and weigh the pros and cons before you decide to put it on your résumé. If you’re seriously in doubt, just leave it out. You can always mention it in your interview if your hobbies, interests or other skills come up.

Do you have a personal blog? Would you ever put it on your résumé?




Jacqui MacKenzie is a writer for Straight North, an Internet marketing agency that specializes in social media, SEO, Web design and more. Jacqui writes for a wide range of B2B clients, from payment processors that simplify credit card donations for non-profits, to safety equipment providers that offer cheap gloves in bulk. Check out the Straight North Blog, follow @StraightNorth on Twitter or see what’s inspiring us on Pinterest!


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