Telling Tuesday April 17th

I didn’t forget, I just almost did not remember, but I am here now, and I had an AWESOME day!!!!!

Had not been feeling to well the past few days, so I had an appointment scheduled to see my chiropractor this morning, the man is amazing, so I got up and got myself ready to go and had a few minutes to sit and do my normal morning routine here on the computer, which now consists of scouring stupid Craigslist for goodies for the store, well this morning I hit the BIG TIME! A major corporate retailer is closing one of it’s smaller stores inside one of our malls, so the manager posted a note stating that a store was closing, and that they had a few floor fixtures up for grabs, if anyone would like them, well it had been up a few mins. already when I saw it, but went for it anyway, this was a dream come true for me, so I wrote him a quick note, and this is what I said, 

On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 7:09 AM, Leila Osborn <> wrote:

Good morning, You are amazing! I am in the process of opening a thrift store and have been searching for pretty much everything you have, and I would love you forever, if you would allow me to pick them up from you, I have the use of 3 trucks, and we are available most any time, just tell me when and we can be there.
Thank you a million and 1 times.
Sent my note and off to the shower I went, and when I got back to my desk after my shower, this is what I found in my inbox.
From: ron
To: Leila Osborn
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 7:32 AM
Subject: Re: Store fixtures
Simply calling me ‘amazing’ puts you at the top of the  I am waiting for final comformation that I am allowed to do this.  I was told to ‘put out feelers’ to see what response I would have.  I also like your idea of starting your own business and know that this stuff would be put to good use.  Let me hear back from the people above me and hopefully everything will be fine.
Thank you for your response and I will get back to you asap.
I have had many people ask, but you are the only person I have responded to, just so you know.  I work all day today, so hopefully will be able to give you a response tomorrow morning.
Well, I am sure you can guess that this made my day, so I go to my chiropractor, get adjusted, and head straight back home, pick up the boys, and head over to the store to check out all my new goodies, and OMG this is so huge, I can fill two stores with what they are giving me, so I have a U-Haul reserved for next Thursday, when I get to go back and pick everything up. 
And I just realized that today is the 17th so we have exactly 1 month to move in, but I am not counting or anything. 
You all have a great night and I will chat with you again on Thursday.
Hugs L.


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2 responses to “Telling Tuesday April 17th

  1. YAY! What an awesome endeavor Leila! Good luck Lovey

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