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Sunday’s Cello before Christmas Dec. 18th

Wrap Tip – To Go Buckets

To Go Buckets
If you are having a small holiday get together or dinner party, surprise your guests when they are ready to leave with a “To Go” bucket.  These four buckets were made up for four couples that will we will be having over for our holiday dinner.  The buckets were 3 for $1 at the Dollar store.  We filled them with a nut mix, peppermint bark, chocolate candy sticks, coffee, and a candy cane.  Wrapped in a 8×18 basket bag, tied with ribbon and a simple knotted bow.

$1.00 Decorating

$1.00 decorating

$1 Decorating Need some quick decorating ideas?  This doesn’t get much easier.  We purchased a tube of ornaments at the $1.00 store, hung them on a strand of curling ribbon from the dining room light fixture.  Super easy and looks very festive!

Less Than $1.00 Candy Dishes
candy dish
These little trays can be purchased at most discount stores or even check out your local Wallgreen’s, CVS or Walmart. We found them, 4 for $1.00 what a bargain!  They were filled with all different types of candy such as wrapped mints, carmel candy, tootsie pops, etc, then garnished with some shred.  All candy was wrapped.  I even added some hand-painted small sized pine cones in there for added decor.  I then inserted into a basket design cello bag as these are going into a large basket, and added a tulle bow on one with gold ribbon, and some greens on the other dish with gold ribbon.  It looks so pretty and costs literally less than a buck!  Remember to keep your greens from flowers already used, one never knows when it will come in handy!

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Wednesday’s Website Dec. 7th

About World Book, Inc.

Since 1917, World Book, Inc., has set the standard for providing accuracy, objectivity, and reliability in research materials for both children and adults. Based in Chicago, Illinois, World Book is an industry leader in the production of award-winning encyclopedias, reference sources, and digital products for the home and schools.

For almost 90 years, World Book has been committed to publishing encyclopedias and other reference products that meet the highest standards of editorial excellence while keeping pace with the technological developments that define the computer age.

World Book, Inc. sets the standard in publishing accurate, current, and reliable reference and learning materials for children and adults. Based in Chicago, World Book is committed to creating educational products that meet the highest standards of editorial excellence in print and online. This commitment has resulted in a wide range of products including the number-one selling The World Book Encyclopedia; the World Book Web, which is the most comprehensive and authoritative online solution to meet the diverse information needs of students, educators, public library patrons, and families; and World Book Classroom, innovative and effective teaching resources to improve learning in the classroom setting. World Book ( is a Scott Fetzer company, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

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Shop local Saturday’s Small Business Event

Mighty Cup & Spoon Cafe
7021 N. 57th Av.

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

FREE Clothing Swap starts at 5:30

Stop by and shop with us without the fuss we will have 10 Funtastic local small business owners joining us for your Holiday Shopping enjoyment.

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Cello In A Box Tips Nov. 12th

Cellophane love from Cello In A Box

Wrap Tip
This time of the year you will always find the most beautiful colored leaves, and if you can’t find them you can always purchase them! 🙂 However, the photo above shows a beautiful wrapped up gift basket, with tons of fall leaves all over it. Even the smallest of things can make your gift baskets look exceptional! Always use tons of ribbon and you have an instant colorful gift basket with fall leaves for a spectacular presentation! You can even use a kitchen bowl, plastic container, tin can, or many types of containers and still make your basket festive just by using holiday themed accessories.

Looking for a new Direct Sales opportunity this holiday season? Be sure to look in the ebook and Wrap Education book category for the Direct Sales Opportunity Guide with 99 opportunities for you to review. Guide includes company name, description, years in business and start up costs. Available now in ebook or print book format.

Craft Show Sales Idea
If you are going to be a participant in a craft show, this is a wonderful way to sell low-cost items, but ever so delighting! Here is a list of things that you can put into a cello bag measuring 3.5 x 5.5 with a topper:

  • Candy as shown
  • Small candle tarts
  • Samples or even full-size makeup
  • Small craft items
  • Stickers
  • Loose candy with shred for more color
  • These would be well received as stocking stuffers too!
  • Kits, i.e. coloring book kits, add a small coloring book with crayons and stickers
  • Business items from your company or direct-sale items

Bag toppers are not a hard item to find. Many make these items for sale as they are low-cost and very well received. Also if you have the time you can make them yourself as well, However if you look around the “Net” many do offer free printable toppers as freebies, look around and you will probably find them!

For these GREAT ideas and many more stop by and check us out at

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Cello In A Box Tips Nov. 5th

Cello In A Box Gift giving made easy.

Wrap Tip – Snowman Soup
Snowman soup

Making Snowman Soup is a quick and easy gift that looks great! Using a 5″ x12″ bag, add a mug, cocoa, candy cane and chocolate Kiss. Then add a topper with tape or a staple. You can find paper toppers like these at We also used a base in the bag to add strength and a little shred here and there to add color.

These make great gifts for friends and also super craft show seller

Another Snowman Soup Version
These mugs are darling but because they are larger, we used a 6″ base and a 6″ x 13″ bag. The standard mug would fit in a 5″x12″ bag but these are more like a soup mug. We are just about out of bases but you know that is something that you can make yourself just by cutting up your leftover cardboard.
Great Recipe Gift

This is such a fun and special gift to make. I am often on the phone with my daughter when I am cooking and she will say “Oh mom, can you write that recipe down for me?” I wrote out three of my favorites, tied them up in our organza ribbon and added an embellishment to the center of the ribbon. They will go in stockings this year or on the top of a present.

For these GREAT ideas and many more stop by and check us out at

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Cello In A Box

Cello In a Box Co.
Let the Holiday Wrapping Begin!


Holiday tips galore, coming your way!



Wrap it up with Embellishments

This holiday use your imagination and use the products you have at home as well to decorate! These foam embellishments can be used for so many things. Have extra white tissue laying around? Wrap a package with white tissue, tie with tulle ribbon. Then add these foam adhesive embellishments to the package all around the tissue. How cute! Also use them for adding to glassware such as a vase to decorate, fill with candy, wrap a tulle ribbon or organza bow around the stem and you have a great gift. Just darling. This month when you purchase any pack of foam embellishments you will receive 10 others free to try out!


just for you

New Items and Free Cello Fun Pack

We have a few new cuties in stock and extra shipping hands this weekend to get lots of order out.

  • While supplies last we have these darling Just for You enclosure cards just $1.25 for a dozen
  • While supplies last we have candy print enclosure cards just $1.25 a dozen
  • Spend $10 before shipping and get a free Cello Fun Pack this month with at least 4 fun items including a Cello Bag


Votive Gift in Organza

We added a votive to a 3″x4″ organza bag then added a tag that reads “Hope your Christmas ia aglow with love and light!” Of course you can change the word Christmas to Holiday or Birthday as well. Darling little gift idea.

Goals and Organizing!

With the holiday season approaching it is important to take a moment and think about what and where you want to be. If you are organized and have some golas set, you will be so much further this holiday so let’s start with your personal life first. Do you purchase holiday gifts? If so, then start making your list now! Keep it in your purse or pocketbook and keep it handy. Look for sales, online specials etc. so you are not last minute shopping and spending more than you need to. If you are going to have holiday parties or get togethers, start making that list too! Try and incorporate a day to baking. Okay maybe you aren’t a baker (I am not either) but I do intend to take a day to make homemade gifts for friends and neighbors, wrapped in individual Cello bags then placed on a paper plate or put into a Santa Bag. I will then add a personal message on an enclosure card, then hit the road to deliver! My list includes the following:


  • Cake or Bread (yes from a box!)
  • No Bake Cookies
  • Dipped Oreo’s
  • Candy
  • Cocoa Mix

Now onto business. Set some goals for yourself as far as how much you would like to sell. Here is a simple list of questions to ask yourself and you’ll be on the road to success!

  • How much product do I want to sell?
  • How am I going to market it? email flyer? If so when will I send that? Also when will I send a follow up email?
  • Will I have an open house or do a craft show? Am I all signed up?
  • How much time per day will I devote to offering my products?
  • I have made a list of all my friends and family and wrote down 3 items I carry that they could use for the holiday’s and why.
  • When and how will I contact each person that I have holiday product ideas for?

Don’t let this holiday slip by you because you haven’t stopped for a few minutes to plan it out! Be a success this holiday season by being organized and having a plan!

We hope you have a Cellorific Weekend!

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Cello In A Box Oct. 29th

Dad’s Favorites

dads favorites

Dad can always use fresh new items for the bathroom or a refill on some of his favorite snacks!  Purchase a gift mug and add items such as…

   Shave Cream



Dental Floss




Gift Card

Then add your mug to a 6×13 gift bag as shown.  Tie your bag with raffia and/or a 2″ pull bow for a great look.

Product Feature/Wrap Tip


Here is a great way to make a lot of statement with your business coupons and specials. This is a coupon discount sticker and many will put these on an envelope or simply write it on a business card. Why not make it look like a gift by adding it to come cardstock, adding some ribbon with a hole punch and make it look like a tag. A colorful tag they want to hold onto. This is a way to keep your business in front of someone since it is colorful and they might want to hold onto it.
You can find all this and more at

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