Thoughts for Thursday April 19th

American Flag

This guy was told by his Homeowners Association that he couldn't fly the American flag in his yard. So..

This has been floating around Facebook, and I knew it was worth sharing with you, may we all be so proud!

Good morning everyone!!! Happy Thursday!!! I am not quite awake yet, but here I am, hoping to have a safe day today, after my little mishap, with a solid wood door yesterday falling over and landing on my head, it did not make for a good rest of the day. I am still a bit sore, and my neck is killing me but I am still alive so that is the important part. 

Have things to do today for the store, and a few errands to run, so hopefully I don’t get to tired to quickly. Going to lunch with my new friend this afternoon, and I am totally excited about that, Yeah!!! He is so awesome! And now that the old is completely behind me, and out of my system, I am ready to move forward 100% Life is good today and I am happy, (in a bit of pain) but happy.

I am so totally excited about all the retail store fixtures we will be picking up from the Big named Corporate store that is closing down at one of our malls here in town, and the Store Manager is a gem to work with, and is totally amazing! Mall management on the other hand has put a damper on things and said we only have 2 hours a day to move things out, from 8 am to 10 am before the mall opens for business, uggg that is going to be tough, so I canceled my first U-haul reservation and rescheduled for an earlier time, and a much bigger truck, now to just find the man power to help us get as much out as possible in that 2 hour time frame.

Not a whole lot else going on this weekend, just scouring Craigslist and Freecycle, for more goodies to put into the store, so it is full when we open. I did add 2 new fun pages to the $10.00 Thrift website you can find them here at

 I received confirmation this morning that my store banners, fliers and swapper’s receipt books mailed out yesterday and should hopefully be here by next Tuesday yeah! I cant wait to see them.

ONLY 42 more day’s by the way until the store opens, in case you were wondering. 

I must run for now, you all have an Awesome weekend, and I will chat with you again next Tuesday.

Take care of you Hugs L.


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