Loved this post, and thought it was quite worthy of a beautiful spring day repost.

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I pretty much ALWAYS have some beachy decor items in my space at Stars.  But I usually create most of them all at the same time; once or twice a year.  A couple of sunny spring days usually gets me in the mood for creating some beach goodies.  Here’s what I done lately:

Big 1 liter bottle partially filled with sand and shells, and a fingerling starfish as a topper.  If the starfish isn’t big enough to perfectly fit the hole, and seldom do I find a ‘perfect fit’!; I wrap a bit of white string around the starfish until I get a nice tight fit. Add a little e6000 adhesive to the string to permanently hold the starfish in place.  

(I always ‘glue down’ small parts like this whenever possible.  This prevents the starfish from ‘accidentally’ jumping into someone’s purse of pocket; AND prevents the curious child from…

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