Thoughts for Thursday April 12th

Good morning everyone, Happy Thursday!!!

I have a bunch of running around to do today, and am going to the store, to make plans for the new windows I picked up off of Craigslist yesterday, and look at some clothing racks, so we can actually hang clothes up in the store, I also picked up a cabinet yesterday, not realizing that it was a counter, cabinet, so now I get to go shopping for a counter top, and it will be perfect at the entrance of the store for our check in counter, I am totally jazzed. I am also going to make a stop at Stardust Building Supplies, it is like a used, version of Home Depot, or a Goodwill for home building supplies, cabinets, doors, electrical, pretty much anything you  need to build a house just used.

I will take my camera with me, so I can take pictures, of our space, pre us, at the moment it is actually quite a mess, they were using it for storage, but I want it, so they have to move, and everyone that knows me, knows, I usually (but not quite always) get what I want. In this case, it is mine! Yep, I am good like that.

It is cool, cloudy and windy here today, I wish mother nature would make up her mind, so I can figure out my closet, and weather it wants to be summer, winter or fall, I would be happy with a comfortable spring.

Going to go hang with my bff Faithann this morning for a while, before I head over to the store. Want to remind everyone that Sunday April 15th is NO GAS Day, so please make sure to fill your tank on Friday or Saturday.

Life is good today and I am in a really GREAT mood even though I feel like crap, I am in desperate need of my chiropractor but he is closed today. Uggg. I have not sat down yet and worked on the blog, but I will get that done this weekend, so you can have your Wednesday’s websites back and Friday’s Favorite finds.

Well I must run, you all have a GREAT weekend and I will chat with you again next Tuesday, smile and have a GREAT day, I know I will.

Hugs L.

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