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Creating a blog is only one part of the blogging equation; you absolutely have to manage and maintain your blog in order for it grow and become better, faster, and more successful.

There used to be a time when trying to find helpful tools, get blog inspiration and update your blog was pain (No Pinterest, what?!) but now, thanks to the growth of the Internet and blogging community, you can find help and resources almost anywhere. From photo programs to blog design resources to social media tools, the list of helpful online programs is never ending.

Assisting you with your blog and social media personality, IFB has rounded up 50 online tools that will help you better your blog and your brand:

  1. IFB (obviously): Your ultimate blogging resource with tips & insights
  2. Problogger: Great outlet for content inspiration and tangible blogging advice
  3. Google Analytics: Learn more about your site traffic and how to keep visitors on your site
  4. Don’t have Photoshop? Use this photo editing software that mirrors Photoshop
  5. Copyblogger: One-stop shop that offers tutorials on content marketing, SEO, email marketing and keyword search.
  6. Manage your Twitter following by gaining quality followers and deleting spammers
  7. Klout: Measure your influence across most social media platforms and see what kind of following you are garnering
  8. Pinterest: Gather inspiration, promote your visual graphics, and share content ideas with your following.
  9. Pugly Pixel: Graphic design blog that offers tips and inspiration for better graphics
  10. Learn just about everything (video-production, SEO tips, grammar help) on this guide-to-everything site
  11. Your grammar 101 source.
  12. Associated Press Stylebook: News and media guideline for writing and reporting. Abbreviations, grammar guidelines, and more
  13. Instagram: Social photo-sharing application that links to your Facebook and Twitter
  14. Thesaurus.comOnline dictionary and mobile reference source
  15. LinkedIn: Get job tips, newsworthy articles and more! Plus, stalk your favorite brands and companies for potential marketing opps.
  16. Google +: Social media program that allows you to share your posts and create various communities through the Google + Circles
  17. Bloglovin’: Follow your favorite blogs and share your posts in this easy-to-read and mobile browser.
  18. Her New Leaf’s “Primp My Blog” page: Tips on how to add plugins to your blog and advice on designing your blog better
  19. The Academy: Empowering You To Achieve Success Your Way: Brush up on marketing and PR tactics that will help you grow your blog
  20. Mashable: The ultimate source for all things technology and social media, plus news bites and 24/7 updates
  21. GoDaddy: A blogger’s resource for domain registration and hosting services
  22. PSFK: Technology’s destination for creative business, design and fashion topics and hot issues
  23. RewardStyle: Affiliate network that helps bloggers monetize their site
  24. Fashion Traffic: Another outlet for fashion bloggers interested in joining an affiliate marketing network
  25. Lyst: Social sharing shopping site that allows you to curate your own collection and share your designer finds with your readers
  26. Discover the hottest fashion finds from your favorite top-tier bloggers
  27. Fashionably Marketing.Me: Get updates on what’s going on in the fashion digital marketing space
  28. Business of Fashion: daily resource for fashion leaders and creatives
  29. ShopStyle: A shopping portal where you can create layouts with products from thousands of brands and shops
  30. Polyvore: Create magazine-like layouts with products, text, magazine images and more
  31. Webstagram: If you’re iPhone-less, you can browse Instagram accounts easily through this site
  32. Hootsuite:  A great tool to manage mutliple Twitter, Facebook and social media accounts in one place
  33. StumbleUpon: Use this to promote and share your posts and find new sites and inspiration as well
  34. Create an account and use this tool to shorten your links for Twitter and Facebook then track their reach
  35. For the best  Fashion Week images and trend story ideas, we go here. (Remember – site your source!)
  36. Free Gretchen: Use this site to promote and grow a giveaway or contest on your blog
  37. Shortstack: Custom designer Facebook pages, for free (fancy, right?)
  38. Offerpop: Create contests and launch promotional campaigns with this Twitter/Facebook marketing tool.
  39. North Social: Create interactive tabs (video, welcome, photo gallery) with this easy Facebook customization program.
  40. Etsy: Promote small business owners, find cool things, sell your stuff – Etsy is great for all that
  41. TweetReach: Analyze your Twitter account, get total impressions and more with this impressive Twitter management dashboard.
  42. Topsy: Fast-indexing technological program that delivers crucial metrics from social media apps
  43.  TwitterCounter: Get statistics and insight into your Twitter following
  44. Blog Milk: resource for inspiration, design and other tools that will get your creative juices following
  45. Icon Archive: Hundreds of thousands of icons, for your use, for free!
  46. MailChimp: Set up a custom newsletter for your blog
  47. Use this generator to pick a winner at random for your contests / giveaways
  48. Flickr: Flickr’s creative commons is a great source for photos you can use freely on your blog
  49. DaFont: Download free fonts for your blog’s graphics
  50. Veer: View and purchase photos and exclusive fonts



 – who has written 64 posts on Independent Fashion Bloggers.

Originally from sunny California, now a New York transplant.

Phew, now THAT is an impressive list of 50 effective tools. Have you used any of these programs? Do you have any additional recommendations? Share in the comments section!


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