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Waking up wakeupnow

It all started with a humiliating lay off and a questionable phone call.

Troy Muhlestein climbed the corporate ladder with twenty loyal years of overtime. So, when he heard the words, “Our company is going in a different direction and unfortunately you’re not going to be a part of that.” Troy was dumbfounded.

He was humiliated that he let himself and his family down. Troy decided to turn the humiliation to motivation. He saw that there were people all around him in the same financial situation and each one felt the same humiliation. As Troy began looking for a new job he couldn’t shake the feeling that something needed to help these struggling families, but what could he possibly do?

Then, the phone rang. Troy listened to a telemarketer tell him every personal credit card balance, interest rate, and credit limit. Troy was irritatingly curious when the marketer promised to help him pay off debts through various awards. At that moment, he had a sliver of hope that this is how he could help America’s struggling families. Then, he heard the gimmick. It would only cost him a one-time fee. Coincidently, a fee that equaled the exact amount he had left on his credit cards.

Troy was disgusted and enraged that this man was trying to get him out of debt by putting him further into debt. He hung up the phone. His sliver of hope turned to desperation, “There has to be a better way!” He paused and thought and then the light bulb turn on!

“That’s it! That is what I will do. I am going to find a LEGITIMATE way to help people in their financial hardships. It will be about rewards, preparation for the future, tracking progress, and creating extra money at the end of the month.”

His concept was easy to think of but took time to execute. He contacted a good friend and said, “Richard, I need your help to achieve three things: I want to help families get out of debt, I want to change the way money is earned in direct sales and I want to establish a financial foundation that will allow Americans to be truly free.”

Together, Troy and Richard created wakeupnow, a customer community that provides the means to save money, manage money, and make money.

Troy’s vision and mission for wakeupnow:

Vision: We exist to inspire people worldwide to become financially independent, be freetobe who they really are, and discover and fulfill their personal mission and purpose.

Mission: We do this by providing the Tools, Rewards, Education, and Compensation that engenders HOPE, and EMPOWERS, individuals to attain financial FREEDOM thus enabling them to give importance to that which is TRULY important.


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