Friday’s Favorites March 16th


From Liz Marie

Coffee Filter Lamp Shade…

… When I told people this past weekend that I was making a lamp shade out of coffee filters, they thought I was crazy, okay okay… Maybe I am a little crazy, but this lamp shade is stinkin’ cute…

  Did I mention this lamp makeover was only $1.00(+ Tax). Heck yes!!! Coffee filters from the dollar store. Win. I fell in love with this lamp shade when I was done making it & I couldn’t believe it was made out of coffee filters.. even though I made it & burnt my fingers gluing every little coffee filter “flower” on the shade.
From Love Sweet Love

What’s Up Weekly Board

I have a very inquisitive 4 year old and an impatiently persistent 2 year old that are both interested in time, yet at different places in their understanding of it. For example conversations with my 4 year old go like this:

From Crafty Girls Workshop
Book Bags
My weekend of family and friends has wound down and I am exhausted! So, before falling asleep, I thought I would show you three of the several bags I made when  I went to San Diego. These are used as book bags, and they work great! 

These bags will hold 6 to 8 scrapbook or craft magazines that we all so love to look at when we are on a long drive! 🙂
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