Thoughts for Thursday March 15th

Well I do have lots of thoughts today, since I forgot to Tell on Tuesday. Why did, I forgot to Tell on Tuesday, well because, it was a beautiful day out, and  I spent the morning with my fav. wife Pat Bergstedt, spent the afternoon with a new friend : ) & then went to sit w/ my favorite Josie girl. Once I got home, I caught up on 2 days of Y & R then off to bed I went, realizing after the fact that I forgot to tell you all about our weekend in Surprise, so here it goes.

Perfect weather all weekend, what a great way to spend it, outside with ton’s of great friends, and making new ones! I was happy with Friday night, it went well, passed out lots of cards, and talked to a lot of people, went to the truck, happy with the day, spent the night in the truck just did not feel like driving the 15 miles to Joi’s so I stayed there. 

Saturday, was not so good, kinda slow and not a whole lot of excitement going on, but at least I had my T. with me, so we had a nice time hanging out together, and camping out in the truck Saturday night, Thankfully Marc and Amy had extra blankies, with them, because I had not brought enough and it was a bit chilly.

AZ.’s Chic Denim Rocked in Surprise on Sunday, gained 2 possible new recruits, and 4 possible parties out there, and passed out lots of cards!!! I was exhausted, but very happy with my day! All in all it was a good weekend, and I was happy with it, and would gladly do it again, they are talking about a weekend in November I sent in my RSVP.

I am looking forward to a fun day out in Peoria at Momma’s Organic Market on Saturday, March 17th I have not been a vendor at their market in years, so I am really looking forward to taking Vault Denim out there with me. 

Peoria Farmers Market at Park West
3rd Saturday of Each Month
9744 West Northern Avenue
Peoria, AZ 85345

9am – 2pm

Will be hanging out at Swap Smart Sunday afternoon, showing Deni around, and anyone else that would like to stop by and see our new $10.00 Thrift Store space at 27th Av. & Camelback Rd. I should be there about 1:00 if you want to come by. 

Took a nice almost 2 mile walk with my Josie girl, yesterday afternoon, since her momma said I can unplug her from her monitor. Amelia and Greg live in a condo by the lake just north of Metro, and it has been so nice out, the walking path, is just screaming to be used, so we did, our first lap we did I carried her the whole way around, then with all that work, my poor little miss was just starving to death so we went in and ate dinner then when mom got home, we put her in her stroller then took off for another walk, which was just as nice the second time around, and I look forward to walking it more often.

I think that is all for now, I must run, I have a kitchen to clean, and laundry to do, so you all have a GREAT weekend, and I will chat with you next Tuesday.

I can’t remember if I have shared either of these pages with you, so I will now,

I would love to see you all there.

Hugs. L.


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