Wednesday’s Website March 7th

The Ultimate Bra-Shopping

You and your friends will love a Zyrra Party.
A trained Zyrra Fit Specialist
will fit you for custom-made bras in the
comfort and privacy of your home.
You’ll all feel pampered and beautiful.

As a Zyrra Party Hostess, all you
need to do is provide refreshments and invite guests.
Your friends will have a great time, and
you’ll earn free merchandise!

A signature cocktail. An evening with friends.

We think bra shopping should be fun for every woman, regardless of
her size. No stuffy dressing rooms, no harsh fluorescent lights, and,
most importantly, no endless searching for the perfect bra.
Just friends, fun, and a Fit Specialist who loves helping women find the
perfect fit as much as we do.

Personalized attention. Outstanding service.

Your Fit Specialist will measure each guest privately, taking 10
measurements in 10 minutes with a minimum of touching. You’ll
never have felt so pampered bra-shopping before!

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