Thoughts for Thursday Feb. 23rd

UGGGG!!!! I am going crazy today, I have been going 100 MPH since I got up this morning, and I am not even sure that I have even accomplished anything! On the phone making plans with Pat for a yard sale, when my phone rings 4 more times, get done with Pat, and the phone rings again, it is Demetrius, my travel agent helping me schedule a trip to Nashville in June, when the phone rings again 3 more times, Good lord have mercy, I sat here yesterday with not 1 call so why was this morning am I so special???

Then off for a quick trip to the grocery store and a few other errands, get home, make plans for 2 more events, and Pat’s yard sale.

Tomorrow will be equally hectic, off to the Chiropractor in the morning just to come home and pack the truck and get ready to head out so we can set Trenton up on Friday instead of  Saturday morning, at the SwapSmart at Camelback Rd. & 27th Av., then after we set up at SwapSmart, I am off to see Michelle to pick up some new jeans, then over to sit with my Josie girl for a nice peaceful evening of baby and Auntie time.

Trenton will be working SwapSmart on Saturday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm and will have winter scarves at half price and vests from our new spring line, so stop on by and say hi, he would love to see you.

I will be at the Mighty Cup from 10:00 – 2:00 on Saturday in Downtown Glendale, then join T. on Sunday at SwapSmart. 

Making plans with my Fav. Kim Carter for an Open House at her place in Southeast Mesa on Sunday March 4th, we will share more details as it gets closer, NERIUM AD, Vault Denim, and Jamberry Nails will be showcased at the Open House. 

Having a Yard Sale at Pat’s house at 59th Av. & Sweetwater on March 17th & 18th 8:00 am – whenever.

Another Open House a Joi’s on April 28th up in Peoria at 83rd Av. & Deer Valley Rd. those 3 dates were the only ones I had left open between now and the end of May, my Saturday’s are booked solid, I am lovin it!!!

If you are in town and interested in having a Jean Party, you can pick any Sunday, in April except the 29th, that day is already booked, and all of my Sunday’s in May are still open! Call or write me and we will make plans! 

Remember we are packing Filler Pack bags again at the end of April, if you want to get your small business advertising pieces into me before then, our Spring Time Special is 

1, 250 bags for ONLY $60.00

Buy space in 1,000 AZ. Filler Pack bags, for only $60.00 making them only 0.05 cents a piece to advertise with us, and get into

250 more bags for FREE!

Now through April 22nd.

OK I think that is all for now, you all have a GREAT weekend, and we will chat with you next Tuesday!

Big hugs from me to you L.

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  1. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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