Friday’s Fav. Finds Feb. 17th

Fav. #1

From Creating by Cami

Business in the Front – Party in the Back

Strange title right? That phrase seems to be my husbands favorite for defining a mullet. I made a dress that reminds me of a mullet – well, rather my husbands definition of one.

Business in the front.

To see the rest of this great dress check out her website at

Fav. #2

From Creative Juices Deco

Wine bottles, spray paint and chalk–Oh my!

As I was strolling down the yellow brick road through Michaels craft store I stumbled upon a collection of red tagged clearance spray paint bottles.  One of them happened to be spray chalk paint.  I have never used the chalk paint before but from what I can tell off BlogLand that stuff rocks!  So I came home and it sat in the garage forever figured out a fun craft using my bottle of $1.99 chalk paint


To read the rest of this great post, check out her post here

Fav. Find #3

From A day in the life

Easy Peasy Leggings Tutorial

Yep, you have them too.
Maybe you got rid of the maternity pants, but I bet you have a pair of knit pants
hanging out in the “Donate Me”  pile.
To see the great transformation from maternity pants to little leggings see the rest of the post at

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