Thoughts for Thursday Feb. 16th

Good morning Everyone, Happy Thursday!

What is on your schedule today? Mine consists of a trip to the grocery store and the kitchen yet again, teenagers and kitchens just don’t work well together.

My part time yard guy came buy yesterday and worked in my backyard which was in desperate need of help, he was back there for about 4 hours at least cleaning it up for me, in the 2 years I have been in this house, I don’t think the yard has ever looked this good, even before we moved in, but I told him that I am having a party on Sunday and needed it cleaned up at least a little and boy did he go at it, it looks GREAT, and he is quite the happy man, singing and dancing while he works, he is funny!  So now the backyard is ready to go for our Vault Denim Open House on Sunday, if you are new here or have not heard of Vault Denim before let me tell you all about it, I am totally addicted!

We’ve all been to home parties – we’ve bought: candles kitchen gadgets purses jewelry and food… but authentic designer JEANS???

Look out Mary Kay and Tupperware!

Vault Denim is a NEW company that is completely different than others. Our consultants don’t have to spend money to purchase their own inventory- we provide it. Customers don’t place orders at home parties and then wait for products to be shipped- they wear their new jeans home. Can I get a Woot woot!!?And because we sell the same jeans found in department stores for up to 50% less, people are lining up to host parties and become a part of this fast-growing, exciting company.

Will you join us on our facebook page today!

Next to shoes and chocolate what more could a woman want!

I have some great Fun Finds lined up for you sewers tomorrow, I really think you will enjoy them. Saturday’s Cello is Rockin and ready to go, and well I still have not picked up a book to read yet, so Sunday will probably be Successful! Hopefully in more ways than 1. I will be passing out my Open House invites around the neighborhood today, and on Craigslist for Saturday!

Life is good, and I must go start my day, so you all have a wonderful weekend and I will chat with you again on Tuesday!

Here are our 2 questions for today.

Do you have a facebook page, personal, business, both?  Please share.

What was the last movie you watched?  

Hugs L.


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