Wednesday’s Website Feb. 1st

Tori Molnar is the fourteen year old President and CEO of Utoria, LLC. Utoria is a creative company that assists and educates young women in becoming entrepreneurs and/or business women. Ms. Molnar founded Utoria in late 2010 to help some of her friends earn money through the only way that she ever knew how, starting their own business! About six months later, she also founded the “She Can Make Change” organization. She Can Make Change is developing into a noteworthy organization which will help young women in many different ways with the objective of putting “Change” in their pocket, as well as, knowing how to make positive “Change” for themselves and the world around them!

Ms. Molnar decided to attend the 2010 Pennsylvania Governor’s Conference for Women and learned a lot from the experience. “Listening to people like Mae Jemison, was an amazing experience.” She says, “I never even thought I could be in the same room as women like her.” One of the main reasons for attending for Ms. Molnar, was the opportunity to meet with Tory Johnson. Tory Johnson had been a fascinating role model in the world of business women. After waiting in line for two hours, she got the chance to meet Tory, and that experience went really well. Tory Johnson is now one of her main mentors as she continues her climb to the top of the entrepreneurial ladder.

Ms. Molnar’s journey towards success has not always been simple and easy, she has had to overcome some obstacles along the way. Tori has had a life long struggle with Cerebral Palsy, a disease which effects her muscles and makes doing many regular teenage activities somewhat difficult. She considers herself extremely fortunate to be able to function much better than most young people that have been affected because of her continued hard work with treatments, therapies, and exercise. Ms. Molnar’s biological Father, Rodger Molnar, passed away when she was only eighteen months old. Rodger Molnar was a very outgoing Motocross champion who believed that his daughter would someday be a champion too. She is now doing just that, on her own terms. These parts of her life journey taught many valuable lessons.


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