Thoughts for Thursday Jan. 26th

Happy Thursday everyone!

I am lost this morning, have a headache and want to nap, but I hate napping so it aint gunna happen! I will simply lay here at my desk and chat with you with my eye’s closed, and hope the words come out right. What a way to test my typing skills, My high school typing teacher would be impressed considering I failed typing terribly in school.

Mr. T. and I had a GREAT time last night hanging out with my most favorite Pampered Chef Rep. Joi Strohmeyer, she was holding a fund raiser for her girls, to go on a modeling cruise, last night and T. and I were there to help and as always we had a blast. 

Fun things going on with Pampered Chef at this time, I am hosting an online party now through Jan. 30th if there is anything you must have, just stop on by Joi’s website (you will find it listed below) and list me as your hostess so she knows where you came from.

February Fun – HOST A FUNDRAISER IN FEBRUARY AND GET A 25% RETURN FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION! Go to my webiste and fill in the contact me to get one of my dates I have left! Let’s make some money together!

If you are in town and not there yet, and would like to find a fun way to go clothes shopping at NO cost to you, check out the Arizona Book and Clothing Exchange on Facebook our next Swap is being held in Downtown Glendale on Feb. 4th at 12:00, and we would love to see you all there!

Our Job Fair line up is looking good, and we are totally excited about getting started next month, February is going to be rocking!

Today our favorite baby girl Little Ms. Josie turns 2 months old and has finally made it up to 7lbs. our girl is a fighter and we are so proud of her, just a few more hurdles to jump over like eating directly from a bottle and no more help from a tube, and breathing, which is a big one, but she is getting bigger and stronger by the day and for that we are grateful.

Life is good other than a few aches and pains, and I am so happy to be going to the Chiropractor again, it does make moving so much easier.

I do believe I have a quiet weekend ahead of me so I can get ready to dive into February, and the Grand Opening of scarves and pictures are ready to go!

I think that is it for now, you all have a most wonderful day and a funtastic Weekend and I will chat with you all again next Tuesday.

Hugs L.


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