Wednesday’s Website Jan. 25th

Come on don’t be shy, Get your business into the Arizona Filler Pack bags today!

Do you, own a small business?
Have you started your own venture?
Are you an Independent Contractor or Sales Rep?

Do you have a Blog that you would love to share with the world?

Are you, getting tired of your office job and thinking about being your own boss?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you can come on in and join others that are in the same position.

The Arizona Filler Pack is meant for small business and entrepreneurs to help you grow and in the process build solid relationships for the future.

There is nothing like synergy, & the AZ. Filler Pack to help expand not only your business but yourself.

~~~~~WHAT WE DO~~~~~

We add between 20 – 25 different businesses to each bag, & we currently fill 500 bags every 2 months.

~~~~~ FUN IDEAS! ~~~~~

Think about what YOU would like to see in a bag full of goodies, if someone handed a bag to you.

How about some discount, BOGO or FREE Shipping Coupons, Samples, samples and more samples, how about some business card magnets or a notepad, they will now see your name each time they use it, a koozie & logo calendars will go much further than that postcard or flyer, but of course we will always gladly accept those too, and who can’t use a new key ring, or how about some fun buttons or mini gift bags.

The AZ. Filler Pack, would love to help you expand your customer base and marketing potential. We are here to help give you a broader market for your business, with a way to test new advertising areas, at a very economical low cost way to get your business out to new potential customers.

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