Thoughts for Thursday Jan. 19th

Good afternoon everyone! Wow where has the day gone it is, 1:45 already.

Just finished reading The Third Twin by Ken Follett, and it rocked, this book is exactly why I am such a huge fan of his, I will share it with you on Sunday.

Got a box of fillers in today from the mailman sent to me all the way from Oklahoma, from my new friend, Renae Milburn with Votre Vu, thank you Renae you Rock!!! I can’t wait to try the samples she sent me, woo hoo!

I am totally excited about the party on Sunday at 3:00, remember if you are coming to help pack to please bring drinks to share, we will have Salad Masters here to cook us lunch and help pack bags, Dove Chocolate from my favorite Deni, and a surprise from my favorite Joi, with Pampered Chef.

Speaking of Pampered Chef I got my first party order in yesterday, it was so much fun, I have been quite popular this week, 1st the UPS man bringing our bags to pack on Sunday, yesterday Fed Ex w/ my PC order and today the mailman with fillers from Renae, I like getting goodies in the mail! The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend so we will be able to pack bags and party out in the back yard.

Oh I have a 93 Ford Bronco for sale $3,000.00 it is not running at the moment, (NO I do not know why it is not running)  it does have new tires and a new battery if anyone knows anyone who might be interested. I will be taking pictures and posting it on my facebook page here in the next day or 2.

Well I think that is it for now, you all have a funtastic and safe weekend and I will chat with you all again next Tuesday.

Huggles L.



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