Telling Tuesday Jan. 17th

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Wooo Hooo! Party my place next Sunday 3:00!

Good morning all, Had a busy 3 day weekend we did, my nieces 11th birthday was on Saturday, Amelia’s Baby Shower on Sunday, spent the afternoon on Monday tie-dying so we can get some more scarves made, cooked dinner, and decided, I am definitely going to sign up with Vault Denim at the end of the month, I am totally jazzed.

I also stopped by and chatted with Paula at the Mighty Cup on Saturday and now have the schedule set for the Mighty Cup Job Fair & Market and the AZ. Book & Clothing Exchange, starting February 4th.

Started reading the Third Twin by Ken Follett on Saturday so far so good, I will chat about it on Sunday.

Exciting news from Amelia about Josie, today, she is working harder on drinking from a bottle, that is one of the last steps she has to learn to do, before they can send her home, that and not to forget to breath, as soon as she has those 2 things down, home she can go.

I will be placing a Pampered Chef order, at the end of the month is anyone needs anything let me know and we will get it ordered.

I am totally jazzed about Deni, coming to the party on Sunday and setting up her Dove Chocolate, to learn more about Dove Chocolate Discoveries stop by Deni’s website, we will be placing an order next week from my party this weekend.


Most of you know that there are quite a few blogs I follow, there is just so much amazing brilliance out there and I love to see all the fun things people come up with and learn about others business smarts. There is one blog I really enjoy called\

Well, Ms. Lynsey has a 100 Club that I thought a few of you might be interested in so I thought I would share it with you today.

Are you ready to “Go All In” and set a BOLD Goal for 2012?  Join The 100 Club from Party Plan Divas!

.  Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach, is the sole owner of, the largest online training community built solely for the Home Party Plan Professional. Lynsey has been in the Party Plan Industry for 13 years, during which she maintained between #1 and #3 for both Sales and Recruiting within her organization; but she struggled with finding balance between work and home. It is from that struggle that she created The Diva Success System. As a wife and mother of two daughters and four dogs, Lynsey continues to do parties with her own Party Plan Business, staying “in the trenches” with the Party Plan Industry. Join Lynsey and thousands of other Party Plan Divas and learn what you need to succeed in TODAY’S Party Plan Industry. Join Read more from this author

To learn more about Lynsey’s 100 Club stop by her blog and Go For It!!!

Yes it can be done, you just have to want it bad enough!

OK that is it for now, you all have a fantastic day, and I will see you again on Thursday!

Huggles L.


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  1. Love you girlfriend have a simply delightful birthday!

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