Thoughts for Thursday Jan. 12th

Good morning everyone Happy Thursday!

Want to give a quick reminder to all my friends out there new and beyond about this months Arizona Filler Pack advertising special.

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I finished reading Whiteout by Ken Follett last night I will do my write up on Goodreads this morning and share it with you all on Sunday. I will be reading The Third Twin also by Ken Follett next, yes I am a huge Follett fan.

I could not fall asleep last night and had a million things in my head I wanted to chat about this morning and damned if I could even begin to remember what any of those things were.

I did write a story, that I thought about sharing with you, story is true, names have been changed to protect the innocent, unless of course you already heard the story directly from me because I was so irked. I shared this story with 7 different people and got the same reaction out of all 7 people which was pretty much an OMG are you serious! I could see them all sitting there shaking their heads in total disgust as I told them what happened. Maybe I will share it with you all in a few weeks, or if you know me personally and would like to know sooner, call me and I will tell you.

Oh 1 of the things I did want to mention is that if any of you have ever wondered how long, “I QUIT”,  “It will Never happen again”, and “Forever”, really are, T. and I have come to the conclusion that it is about 3 weeks.

Oh and I heard from Oveta this week, the owner of, and she and her husband are getting closer and closer to having the store open and on line, she asked me a few days ago for all my info to get my store front set up for me, so I really need to get on the ball and finish taking pics of my scarves so I can get them ready to be posted as soon as the new website is live. I am totally excited and can’t wait! For those of you that don’t know CraftersTown is a brand new website built for crafters, like Etsy, Artfire, etc. but this one is local, a couple here in Glendale Arizona are opening it and I could not be more thrilled that my scarves and I were asked to join them on this new adventure, as soon as it is live I will feature it on the next Wednesday’s Website.

Speaking of Wednesday’s website, I am seriously considering signing up with Vault Denim, could not be any more excited than if it were a shoe company. Joe, T’s dad, even told me he would pay for half the start up cost, if they sell mens jeans also, and they do, they just don’t push those as much. It will probably be a few months before I actually join but I am totally excited.

My sweet T. got his stitches taken out on Tuesday, he was kinda dissapointed, because, he now no longer has a goatee and the signs of a real one growing in any time soon are no where in site.

Oh and a quick reminder about the New Year Private Quarters Sign Up special, the 1st 1000 people to sign up as a Rep. with Private Quarters, gets in for FREE this deal Rocks, and is certainly a DO NOT miss chance in a lifetime.

Are you there yet! Looking to try on a new business, try Private Quarters on for FREE contact Alise Chan for more information!
Alise is one of my bestest friends on the whole planet, and I know she will take GREAT care of YOU!

Well for not remembering what I was thinking last night I sure did have a lot to talk about today, and I have just as much work to do, so for now I leave you all, to have a wonderful weekend, and I will chat with you again next Tuesday.

Hugs L.


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