Sunday’s Good reads January 1st 2012

Good morning all,

We are starting something new this year, on Sundays, I love to read books just don’t do it often enough so this year I am going to make it a point to sit down and read more, thanks to WordPress I found this new website called Goodreads, it is a social reading board of sorts, where you can list the books you have read, rate them, chat with your new friends about them, and see what else is out there that you may like to read in the future, so go on over and sign yourself up today and lets get reading. Each and every Sunday (I hope) I will post what new book I am reading with you and you can each share what you are reading with me in the comments.

You will see my Goodreads widget on the left hand column of the site, and it lists books that I have read and lead you to the Goodreads website.

I look forward to reading with you all.



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