Telling Tuesday Dec. 27th 2011

Well we made it through the Holidays, safe and sound, now to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get ready to head into a prosperous New Year. This year for the 1st time ever I made a few goals, at least in my head, so I should sit down and write them down, on paper and put them in my face, I may need to enlist the help of Joi with this one, she is GREAT at this sort of thing, me, not so much.

I do have a few ideas and a plan or 2 in my head just need to make them work, and work is what I am planning to do, I am totally excited about the new online mall Crafters Town opening up in mid January so I can post my scarves up there and have my own little online store, who knew this could be so exciting. T. and I took pictures of all of our 2 T scarves yesterday and will take pics of our Twisted Tie-dies today, and get them all ready to post as soon as the new mall is open. Funny, me and a mall, how wonderfully we fit together, music to my ears. Shhh don’t tell Trenton, Mom and malls should NEVER be used in the same sentence world according to him. He is a boy what does he know!

I am making plans for a front yard event in March, more details on that to follow as we get closer. Still going back and forth on what to do with the Market this year, stay at Paula’s or find someplace new to go, I don’t know, anyone have any helpful insight on this one, I could use your thoughts.

Well breakfast is calling me so I must leave you now, you all have a GREAT day and we will chat again on Thursday.

Hugs L.



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4 responses to “Telling Tuesday Dec. 27th 2011

  1. I think that we should stay at the Mighty Cup. It takes time to become established. Granted we don’t have much of a following yet, we do have a few people though that know we’re there. Anyone who has purchased from any of us in the past year, and has had a possitve reaction probably remembers where we were. We definately need to work on consistency (same vendors, or at least the same core people with extras from Romy to time, same schedule,

  2. Also some consistent signage, purhaps on Glendale, 57th, maybe even Grand. Can we work with the visitors center to hand out flyers? Or maybe establish relationships with some of the shops and resteraunts for flyer distribution? The week before the market post flyers on bus stow, light posts, signs, message boards, in the library, on houses and bussinesses in the area. Keep all our ads, signs and flyers similar and thus recognizable throughout the year. If we do start over somewhere else, I think we should keep these things in mind too. I guess I’m thinking of brand recognition.

    • LRO

      My favorite Pat, brilliant as ever, what would I do without you, other than be lost. You are so right!

      I do also have access to a ton of signage I can purchase from Kim Carter, I will talk to her about that in the next few days.

      In Glendale we stay!

  3. Maybe if we can come up with special events/guest speaker etc? I know it sounds “out there” for a small group like ours, but there has to be someone who wants to speak about something important/interesting,which may be about a good cause??? and then a portion goes back to that specific cause that will draw people to and want to purchase/order… Maybe team up with schools/band/sports team, etc, where they can help advertise drawing those who support their kids….or even team up with Paula and her great food for a good cause. So many great causes to support, it would be nice to connect with a few and help make a difference, no matter how small. Just ideas off the top of my head…

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