Thoughts for Thursday Dec. 22nd

I know, I know, it is late, I did not forget this time really, I was truly busy today.  I was up dressed and ready to go when it was time to take Mr. Cranky to school this morning, I was not able to un-enroll him this morning have to wait till Friday, so I was off a bit earlier than need be to go see my favorite Pat Bergstedt, since I did not need to be there till 9:30 I stopped by to see Paula & Dave at the Mighty Cup & Spoon to say hello and grab a cup of coffee, then off to my see my Linda w/ Happy Printers, to drop off Filler Pack bags for her to hand out to her customers and pick up her Fillers she had ready to go for the bags next month, once that was done I was off to see my Pat, we hung out and enjoyed our girlfriend time together then went to see our Dearest friend Amelia and our newest friend Josie, who I am happy to report is doing Fantastic, she is up to 3.11 lbs, now is 25 days old and is simply amazing. The perfect way to start our day.

Dropped Ms. Pat off at noonish then went up to see my favorite Joi Strohmeyer, the GREATEST Pampered Chef Rep. on the planet if you ask me. Spent a few nice hours with Joi then headed back into town, made a quick stop at Penney’s to pick up my glasses, that were in the shop for repair, you should all be very proud of me, I made it into and out of Penney’s without spending a dime on my not quite maxed out JCP card.

Put together tonight’s dinner, last night had it all in the Crock Pot ready to go this morning so before I left the house I put it in the pan and turned it on, so when I got home a bit after 3:00 the house smelled yummy and it was ready for me to eat. I found my crock pot a few days ago and now I am on a slow cooking roll……………………….. which is a lot for me since I don’t cook. Fixed my plate turned on Y&R and sat back and enjoyed an early dinner. Checked my mail once Y&R was over, strolled around stupid facebook for a while and now here I am. Mr. T. just called and asked if he could spend the night at Nicko’s house so it will just be me and the presents tonight, woo hooo! So I am off to dilly dally before I start wrapping, you all have a wonderful night and a very Merry Christmas and beyond and I will chat with you all again next Thursday.

Hugs L.


A few things I forgot to mention,

1. I got the most wonderful compliment on Thursday morning, someone asked me how old I am, and she said she guessed mid to late 30’s her husband said I think more like early early 40’s. I shocked them both when I told them, but they shure knew how to make me feel good.

2. We changed the date of the Az. Filler Pack Packing party /my 30 something again birthday party to Jan. 22nd at 3:00 pm, I do hope we can see many of you there.

3. My friend Sue Towne with Salad Masters is looking to cook for YOU!!!, as long as you live in Maricopa County. She is looki9ng to cook for 3 couples at a time, 4 times before January 3rd. if there is anyway you can help her out and let her come over and cook for you, she would love to hear from you.

Here is their website, you can also find her on Facebook listed as Sue Towne, and her number is 480.633.5909


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