Today we are going Green!

{Go Green! Opt-out of Your Phone Book Delivery!}

I am sure you have heard about this already but if you haven’t heard or you just haven’t bothered to do it, you should! I mean really, how often do you use the actual phonebook now days? Whenever I need a number I just go to my good friend Google and type in whatever I need, it is way faster and more efficient!

The phonebooks just pile up in the dump and take forever to decompose because they are so thick! If each home in your city gets only 1 phonebook per year and throws it in the trash can you imagine the pile that would create?

Opting out of receiving a phone book is really simple; it only takes a minute or two and keeps you from struggling with what to do with that giant phone book when it shows up on your doorstep.

Go to
Register to the site- You will have to hit send twice
They will send you an e-mail with a password and also a onetime use link to avoid logging in.
Go to the site and opt out of getting phone books!

Even if you don’t recycle or do anything else for the environment, you can do this and it will make a big difference in the world! Take the time to do it, please.

Thank you so much!


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