Sunday’s Cello before Christmas Dec. 18th

Wrap Tip – To Go Buckets

To Go Buckets
If you are having a small holiday get together or dinner party, surprise your guests when they are ready to leave with a “To Go” bucket.  These four buckets were made up for four couples that will we will be having over for our holiday dinner.  The buckets were 3 for $1 at the Dollar store.  We filled them with a nut mix, peppermint bark, chocolate candy sticks, coffee, and a candy cane.  Wrapped in a 8×18 basket bag, tied with ribbon and a simple knotted bow.

$1.00 Decorating

$1.00 decorating

$1 Decorating Need some quick decorating ideas?  This doesn’t get much easier.  We purchased a tube of ornaments at the $1.00 store, hung them on a strand of curling ribbon from the dining room light fixture.  Super easy and looks very festive!

Less Than $1.00 Candy Dishes
candy dish
These little trays can be purchased at most discount stores or even check out your local Wallgreen’s, CVS or Walmart. We found them, 4 for $1.00 what a bargain!  They were filled with all different types of candy such as wrapped mints, carmel candy, tootsie pops, etc, then garnished with some shred.  All candy was wrapped.  I even added some hand-painted small sized pine cones in there for added decor.  I then inserted into a basket design cello bag as these are going into a large basket, and added a tulle bow on one with gold ribbon, and some greens on the other dish with gold ribbon.  It looks so pretty and costs literally less than a buck!  Remember to keep your greens from flowers already used, one never knows when it will come in handy!


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