Thoughts for Thursday Dec. 15th 2011

Sitting here at my desk a little lost this morning. Going to work an event with Mother this afternoon in Litchfield, probably the last one for the year since it is supposed to be raining all weekend which makes it hard to work an outdoor event. Have a few errands to run, and not even close to being done with my Christmas shopping, I thought I was months ago, then did some rearranging and have a few new additions so now I still have shopping to do, I may get to it at some point. I did have a thought this morning, on how to finish this tedious job, and it does not take a whole lot of shopping so I do think I will stick with that. I can’t wait for this to be done. Yes I am a Grinch, the Holidays simply get in the way as far as I am concerned.
On a positive note, our Josie, is doing very well, she was allowed out of her incubator long enough yesterday to take a bath, get dressed, and visit with Santa, Amelia just sent pictures and they are beautiful, little Ms. is doing very well for being born 11 weeks early, we are all very grateful for that.
If anyone happens to be in Downtown Phoenix, on Friday, Alise Chan with Private Quarters will be set up at Spoonz Cafe from 9am – 1pm. stop by and say hello.
Spoonz Cafe
101 N 1st Ave, Phoenix, AZ
I think that is all for now, you all have a great week and I will chat with you again soon.

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