Thoughts for Thursday Dec. 8th 2011

Good morning everyone, Happy Thursday!

So how is everyone on this bright and chilly Thursdays morning. Sitting here this morning trying to stay warm 36 degrees is just to damn cold for me.

1st things 1st I must say Happy Birthday to my Mother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

Only a few more weeks till Christmas, not a whole lot of shopping time left, so make sure you all go out and support your local small business.  Not a whole lot happening here just trying to keep up with myself, working on a few projects for next year with some fun ideas on the horizon.

Looking to grow your small business, you can get into the Az. Filler Pack bags now – January 14th for only $20.12 I will be adding the New Year Special button on the website today!

We will be packing bags on January 15th so we do need to have those fillers to us all 500 of them no later than January 14th 8:00 pm.

For those of you following along, I would like to announce that our Baby Josie, who was born 11 weeks premature is doing GREAT and the Dr.’s are very happy with her progress, which makes us all very happy!

Life is good and we are all cruising right along, we are excited about working the Greenway Arts & Crafts Car show this weekend from 8-4 at Greenway High School at 39th Av. & Greenway, there will be over 100 local small businesses, a car show, music, fun and games, making for an exciting weekend.

I must run for now, you all have a GREAT day and a Wonderful weekend, and we will chat again next week.

Hugs, L.

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