Thoughts for Thursday Dec. 1st

9:30 pm, Ok so I am a bit behind on my thoughts today, I would have totally forgotten if it were not for today’s post from Stitch & Purl I just got a short time ago.  Started my day by cleaning the kitchen, then the rest of it, building a resume for RJ, which took most of the day, it did help that I found a really good resume builder to help me with his resume since his field of construction is a bit different than my office & clerical, once we put it all together and figured out exactly what we wanted it to say, editing it was a breeze, I was on such a roll I even made Master Trenton his first resume too, boy looks pretty good on paper if I do say so myself.

We had a pretty good week we did,

Pat and I went to see Amelia and our new baby girl Josephine, momma is home now, but Josie is still in the hospital, but doing very well.

I am fairly certain I was busy on Tuesday but damned if I can remember what I did.

Then, Ms. Afton and I went and got our hair cut on Wednesday from my Fav. stylist Cynthia, she always does a Rockin job, and Afton loves her new do!

I have decided I am going to start cooking, (shhh don’t laugh) I found my crock pot and a few slow cooker websites so I spent this evening hunting down a dozen recipes to try, I am always up for an adventure, Pumpkin Soup anyone! The kids said NO to that one, I think it sounds interesting myself.

Since it is cold and rainy outside and RJ won’t be home tonight I turned the heater on, this evening, cold and I just don’t get along well at all. I am going to cancel the market and the clothing swap on Saturday since it is supposed to rain most of the day, but will probably still stop by and see Paula for a nice hot cup of coffee.

Well my thoughts are getting very tired, so I am off for now, you all have a wonderful weekend and we will chat with you again next week.

Hugs L.

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  1. Little Miss Josephine is still doing amazing. She is a true rockstar. She is still breathing on her own and I have finally been able to hold her. Yaya (my mom) is coming to see her tomorrow. She is so excited. Thanks for coming to visit us. I have washed all the bottles and clothes. Now I just gotta find room for them all. We were so not ready for our little angel! But we are so blessed with her. She has truly made my life complete and it is hard to imagine that I am a mom and have a daughter, but at the same time I can’t imagine my life any other way. My 30th year of life has truly been the most rewarding EVER!

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