Thoughts for Thursday Nov. 24th

Good morning, all Happy Thanksgiving!

Started the day at the laundry mat, and 7 loads of laundry, at 6:00 am, only person there, so it is nice and quiet, and I get my choice of washers, what a way to start the day, by 7:00 it had gotten quite busy but still quiet.

We had a GREAT weekend, and a good week, our 2 days at Pat’s was a blast, the H.O.P.E Expo on Saturday went well and we got to spend a very nice day on Sunday up in Chino Valley just north of Prescott with RJ’s oldest daughter Ashley and her family, it was very nice meeting the kids, we are looking forward to spending many more great years with them.

We have an easy Thursday and Friday planned then off to the Mighty Cup Market Saturday afternoon at 2:00 then an enjoyable evening at Glendale Glitters.

With Christmas almost here, we have plans on doing a lot of local shopping with most of my favorite people in the next few weeks, and enjoying our beautiful weather.

Well I am off to make breakfast, so you all have a Super Happy Thanksgiving, and I will see you next week.

Hugs. L.



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