Thoughts for Tursday Nov. 17th

9:00 pm and I am thoroughly exhausted, it was a long day, I leave Applebee’s last night to find my truck with a flat tire, it was not so flat that I could not drive it, so I was able to make it to QT and put air in it, and find a big fat screw deep within the tread, this is like #3 this year I am feeling so special.

So I get to look forward to a fun morning at Discount Tire, just what I was looking forward to, instead of heading straight to work at Pat’s Holiday Gift Sale, hmmmm, partying with friends and selling our wares, or sitting at Discount tire, I can guarantee you Discount does not win this one.

Only 3 hours late, I finally make it, just in time to set up and make a sale withing the first 10 mins of being there, so at least this part of my day was starting out well, my favorite Pat, made a $290.00 sale selling 2 dozen candles to one very very nice man, who also took my card and will call me when his girls get back from California next week so they can see the scarves, he knows they will just love them. 

We passed out lots of bags today, and had a blast and we look forward to being back there tomorrow with many fun new vendors joining us from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, then off to Mesa for the HOPE Expo on Saturday and a trip up to Prescott on Sunday.

Well all, I was off to bed when I remembered I almost forgot to say hello today, so I sat back down, and turned the pc back on to say good night, I hope you all had a great week, and have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to chatting with you all again next Thursday, hmmm which just happens to be Turkey day.

Big hugs from me to you L.

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