Cello In A Box Tips Nov. 12th

Cellophane love from Cello In A Box

Wrap Tip
This time of the year you will always find the most beautiful colored leaves, and if you can’t find them you can always purchase them! 🙂 However, the photo above shows a beautiful wrapped up gift basket, with tons of fall leaves all over it. Even the smallest of things can make your gift baskets look exceptional! Always use tons of ribbon and you have an instant colorful gift basket with fall leaves for a spectacular presentation! You can even use a kitchen bowl, plastic container, tin can, or many types of containers and still make your basket festive just by using holiday themed accessories.

Looking for a new Direct Sales opportunity this holiday season? Be sure to look in the ebook and Wrap Education book category for the Direct Sales Opportunity Guide with 99 opportunities for you to review. Guide includes company name, description, years in business and start up costs. Available now in ebook or print book format.

Craft Show Sales Idea
If you are going to be a participant in a craft show, this is a wonderful way to sell low-cost items, but ever so delighting! Here is a list of things that you can put into a cello bag measuring 3.5 x 5.5 with a topper:

  • Candy as shown
  • Small candle tarts
  • Samples or even full-size makeup
  • Small craft items
  • Stickers
  • Loose candy with shred for more color
  • These would be well received as stocking stuffers too!
  • Kits, i.e. coloring book kits, add a small coloring book with crayons and stickers
  • Business items from your company or direct-sale items

Bag toppers are not a hard item to find. Many make these items for sale as they are low-cost and very well received. Also if you have the time you can make them yourself as well, However if you look around the “Net” many do offer free printable toppers as freebies, look around and you will probably find them!

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