Thoughts for Thursday Nov. 10th

Uggg it was a painful morning, I tell you.

The plates on my truck expired in September, and of course did not realize I had to go through emissions until it was the end of the month, so I do that and get the plates ordered on line on Oct. 3rd., now I have lived in this house 2 years already, and for the past 2 years, I have received my new tags here, so how difficult could it be when I order new plates? Well I guess pretty damn difficult, I waited, & waited & waited, no plates in the mail, so this morning I call them, the ever so awesome DMV (and well since I have absolutely nothing nice to say about that conversation I won’t).

After much arguing, they tell me they sent them to my old apartment which made NO sense to me, but for whatever reason that is the address they had on file, even though, my drivers license still has T.’s dad’s address on it and I have received my tags here twice now.

Since my phone conversation was getting me no where, I kindly hung up on the dear man, and drove over there, which is always such a joyous place to spend your afternoon. I get my # and sit, forever waiting, I was at least a bit productive and would move regularly so I could pass out RJ’s business cards for him, I had to have something to do while I was waiting, so about an hour or so later, I make it up to the window, and the lovely woman there was not any smarter than the wonderful man I spoke to on the phone, I am not sure what part of ,”YOU ALL Lost my plates in the mail by sending them to the wrong address” none of these people were understanding, but nice, patient, ever so kind me, did not reach over the counter to strangle the woman, I just went over it 1 more time, 2 more times, 3 more times until she got it, and handed me a whole new license plate, I took a deep breath, kindly said thank you and left. What a GREAT way to spend the day.

Now I am fairly certain there was something else I wanted to tell you all today, but damned if I can remember what it is now.

I do remember wanting to mention that Amelia, Pat & I are working on starting up 2 new Tuesday meetings, after the 1st of the year, so keep an eye on the new How Small-Businesses Work Together website, at

Remember we are packing bags this Sunday at 3:00 if you are interested in getting your business in there. The Clothing & Book Exchange has been postponed due to rain, and we are rescheduling for Nov. 19 at Pat’s house, at 63rd Av. & Sweetwater. If it is raining on Saturday, we will not set up for the market, but will stay cozy warm indoors and simply hang out and network for a while.  The HOPE Expo is looking good for Nov. 19th and we are all excited, should be a GREAT day!

Looking for fun Holiday gifts for your friends, family or co-workers, think upcycled and creative warmth with the My-Tee Scarf, all scarves are now only $15.00 a piece or 2 for $25.00 through December.

I am sure I am still forgetting something and know it will come to me in the middle of the night, so for now, you all have a most wonderful weekend, and I will chat with you again next week.

Hugs L.


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  1. DMV is never fun. My friend went to get a new ID due to a name change and after waiting for 1.5 hours, they informed them that the camera was broken and wouldn’t be fixed that day. Didn’t know when it would be fixed either. Fun stuff. Can’t wait for the market this weekend. Had fun at the fair this weekend. Did more networking then selling, but that is OK too!!!! met some great new companies and we hope to get them in our filler packs soon!!!

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