Cello In A Box Tips Nov. 5th

Cello In A Box Gift giving made easy.

Wrap Tip – Snowman Soup
Snowman soup

Making Snowman Soup is a quick and easy gift that looks great! Using a 5″ x12″ bag, add a mug, cocoa, candy cane and chocolate Kiss. Then add a topper with tape or a staple. You can find paper toppers like these at www.printablesforyou.net. We also used a base in the bag to add strength and a little shred here and there to add color.

These make great gifts for friends and also super craft show seller

Another Snowman Soup Version
These mugs are darling but because they are larger, we used a 6″ base and a 6″ x 13″ bag. The standard mug would fit in a 5″x12″ bag but these are more like a soup mug. We are just about out of bases but you know that is something that you can make yourself just by cutting up your leftover cardboard.
Great Recipe Gift

This is such a fun and special gift to make. I am often on the phone with my daughter when I am cooking and she will say “Oh mom, can you write that recipe down for me?” I wrote out three of my favorites, tied them up in our organza ribbon and added an embellishment to the center of the ribbon. They will go in stockings this year or on the top of a present.

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