Cello In A Box Oct. 29th

Dad’s Favorites

dads favorites

Dad can always use fresh new items for the bathroom or a refill on some of his favorite snacks!  Purchase a gift mug and add items such as…

   Shave Cream



Dental Floss




Gift Card

Then add your mug to a 6×13 gift bag as shown.  Tie your bag with raffia and/or a 2″ pull bow for a great look.

Product Feature/Wrap Tip


Here is a great way to make a lot of statement with your business coupons and specials. This is a coupon discount sticker and many will put these on an envelope or simply write it on a business card. Why not make it look like a gift by adding it to come cardstock, adding some ribbon with a hole punch and make it look like a tag. A colorful tag they want to hold onto. This is a way to keep your business in front of someone since it is colorful and they might want to hold onto it.
You can find all this and more at



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