Thoughts for Thursday on Friday Oct. 28th

Well I am a day off, but it is a good thing, I have super crazy busy this past few days, and though I did not have internet for most of the day yesterday and totally forgot that I was supposed to think, and woke up this morning thinking that was the first thing I had to do today.

For those of you that are close to me you know that Mr. T. and I gained 2 new roomies, and I could not be any happier than I am right now, I now have a 14 year old daughter, and the love of my life, back in my life. Everything else is right with the world, no matter what.

So this past few weeks has been crazy with me trying to figure out how to rearrange, my house to fit them in our lives. I have never made so many trips to the Salvation Army, luckily for me, it is only 3 blocks away, and we don’t even have to leave the neighborhood, just drive down the block and straight into their alley & up to their loading dock.

Nothing big going on this weekend, packing party on Sunday at 3:00 I can’t wait we  always have a great time, food, packing and fun with friends. I must run for now, have a busy day today getting my love settled.

Take care of you and I will see you next Thursday promise.

Hugs L.


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