CIAB Let the Holidays begin!!!

Wrapping 1,2,3


What a fun wrap tip we have for you this week along with Upcoming Holiday Wrapping on a Budget!


Wrap Tip – Crafting with Enclosure Cards


Got extra enclosure cards laying around? Simply tape or glue them to a piece of paper that is the same width as the size of bag you are using and double that for a fold over. Fold your topper in 1/2 and attach to your bag with tape or glue dots. We used car air fresheners and tea packets for our gift bags. Here are a few more gift bag ideas:


Paw Print card – Puppy Biscuit

Thank You – Candy or Nail File

Holiday – Tea or Candy

Birthday – Candy or Keychain




Stocking mania

It is becoming quite popular to give a filled stocking as a gift during the holidays. It makes perfect sense! A gift full of love and need. Let’s not forget the budget impact is has. This year we have a new publication for you called Stocking Mania which is a downloadable 3 page idea publication thta has over 100 ideas of items to fill up your stockings with. Also included is full stocking ideas. You can find this under the Holiday Link and ebooks.


In addition, you will find stocking sets available in the $2 and up gift category. These are larger stockings available for purchase and each one comes with the Stocking Mania publication. What fun! Also here is some new product information for you:


New! Holiday Basket Bags for Smaller Baskets 2 Styles

New! Snowflake Bags

Coming Soon…DIY Wedding and Shower Kits, YES!

New! Colors of the Sea Crafting Punches

New! Gift Items $2 and Up Lots of them!

Have a Cellorific Week!


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Lonna Weidemann

Cello In a Box Co.


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