Thoughts for Thursday October 6th

Can’t think this morning it is to damn noisy, every dog in the neighborhood has a barking problem this morning, I woke up to see it must have rained most of the night everything is soaking wet, which is a good thing since we had a dry summer, I saw that it actually snowed yesterday up in Flagstaff, seems a bit early for snow, but they seemed to be happy with it.

Busy day today, fillers to work on for the packing party tomorrow, and a house to clean, we are going to have a busy weekend, with friends coming over on Friday to help stuff bags, the Mighty Cup Market on Saturday in Downtown Glendale and a visit to my new nephew on Sunday, I was told last night the Dr. is going to induce labor on my niece today, so we should have a new very exciting addition to our family very soon, our 1st baby in over 15 years, Yeah!!!! I am going to be a Greatest Auntie, this will be my sisters 1st grandchild, and mother will now be a G’ma to the power of 2.

The days are getting closer to our new roommates getting into town so this next week will be busy for me trying to figure out how to rearrange the house to make everything and everyone fit comfortably.

I am looking forward to a GREAT weekend next weekend working the Wild West Fest, in Glendale and T. working the Az. State Fair, selling our scarves.

Life is wonderful and the weather is finally cooling off, we are off to a GREAT season, I think that is it for my thinking today you all have a wonderful weekend and I will chat with you again next Thursday.



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