Cello In A Box weekend newsletter

Happy Fall Everyone!

We have some fun ideas for you this week! Let’s Get Marketing!

Set up your Game….In Marketing!

It is that time of year. Time to prepare for the holiday season. Time to start thinking about the best way to market your business. I mean marketing with impact. IMPACT! You don’t want to just hand someone a business card. You want to give them something that warrents an Oooh and an Ahhhh. You want to don’t have to spend a ton of money doing it, but you do have to spend some time.

Give a gift instead of a business card. It will be long lasting, will bring smiles, will be held onto. Isn’t that what we all want? Here are some simple ideas. Using the glassine bags (we have 2 sizes) add a small sample, a piece of candy, a pinch of shred and seal it up. There are numerous ways to seal with style. Use a clear seal, double back tape and attach a business card. You can attach the business card on the outside or the inside. You can seal with a darling sticker. The similar type sample would be with the 2 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ tape seal bag. There are many photos available in these bag links giving you ideas. If you don’t want to make them, we’ll do it for you. Visit the Hostess/Favors section for more information at business gifts/samples for $1.25 each. Market with style! Your business will see the results.

October Specials & $5 Monthly Club Sets

Let us start by saying that today is the LAST DAY of Dollar Days. If you want to grab a few of these deals then get them today with $3.99 shipping US up to $20 order. Now onto the good stuff….well it is all good. October Special:

  • Pink Polka Dot Pillow Boxes 12 for $2.25!
  • New! Stocking Mania 100+ Ideas ebook Just $2
  • Green Gingham Gift Basket Boxes or Set just $2.95
  • Baby Blue Heart Cello Bags 4x2x9 Set of 25 for $2.50
  • Free Sample for October is a Green or Red Holiday Dot Cello Bag with any Order Placed

Great specials! Another good bit of word for October is that we are going to have a trial Monthly Club price on our October, November and December special items. For those who would like to purchase these unique items without buying in a large bulk quantity, we are going to offer some smaller sets. You can buy them whenever you want and add to your order while they are available for that month. October special club item needs to be ordered by October 5th in order to get the Thank You Stickers. The November Special Tags need to be ordered by Nov. 5th. Remember these are all items that are ordered as a unique, special item purchase. Fun times at CIAB.

Have a Cellorific Weekend!


Lonna Weidemann

Cello In a Box Co.



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