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Cello In a Box Co.
Welcome to your next edition of your Wrap Weekend Newsletter! It is all about Candy Buffets for your fall and winter open houses, craft shows, and just plain ol’ fun.


candy buffet

The Candy Buffet How To ~
There has been quite a bit of interest in candy buffets recently and not just for parties, but for open houses, craft shows, fundraisers, and they are quite easy to set up. As you can see I set this one up with just a few key elements and today I’ll share some of the specifics in the event you would like to have one as well. Consider having one for a business meeting, rewarding all that come to a bag of candy or sell a bag for $2 or so to raise funds for a worthy cause. The initial set up of your buffet is quite easy. First comb your kitchen for clear containers, bowls, vases, etc. Then attach signs (see more info. on this below) with clothespins or even using double back tape. Add some decorative curling ribbons to lay around the dishes and containers adding color. Consider a banner for the front of your table attaching to the tablecloth or for the backdrop. Have any polka dot ribbon laying around? Use that for tying around jars and containers or even add to your signs. Try to have 6 jars or containers for a nice display set up.

bubble Candy, Candy, Candy ~
What types of candy should you offer? This part is easy. Whatever you want. Here is a small list of options for you and this photo shows a vase filled with gumballs and a chalkboard sign. Just darling!

  • Gumballs
  • Lollipops
  • Pixy Sticks
  • Lemonheads
  • M&M’s
  • Kisses
  • Small Candy Bars
  • Taffy
  • Jelly Beans
  • Sour Candies
  • Gummy Bears

Colorful Signs ~
You can print signs from your computer by simply adding some colorful borders using Microsoft Word. Try to attach a sign to each of your candy jars as this makes a big difference in the look of your display. Again, attach with small clothespins or clips, even simply attach with tape. You can add a hole punch to the corner and attach a colorful piece of ribbon. Color and signs are the key to your buffet. If you have a theme such as a beach theme, you can make all the signs in different colors of blue, use a blue tablecloth and add seashells to the display instead of the curling ribbon. Just one more display option.

The bags ~
bags There are a lot of options for bags and containers at your buffet. Let’s start with the basic, a 4″x6″ flat clear bag that your guests can fill up and it won’t break the bank or clear out your buffet. Offer twist ties as a closure or use coloful chanille stems and cut them in half with scissors. Fun and colorful! You can also use small glassine bags, cone bags, or treat boxes. If you would like to really add some pizzazz then add a small sign to the front of your container such as “Yum Yums” or “Candy to Go” as another option.

See our new downloads available in the digital download section that include Happy Birthday, Give me candy and nobody gets hurt, Happy Halloween and I love chocolate. All of these have examples of the use of the download in the form of a tag and you can use these in your buffet as well as a sign, an invitation or a tag for the front of bags. Fill a few bags and tie one of these to the front with ribbon and use to set up in your display. It will look fabulous. All downloads start at $2.00

We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks edition of your Weekend Newsletter.

As always, have a cellorrific week!

Lonna Weidemann
Cello In a Box Co.



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