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The BIG CRAFT SHOW and BUSINESS SHOW newsletterTips and Tricks to make it easy!
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This is the list that you don’t want to forget. The night before your show, put all your boxes by the door or in your car. Have a supplies box ready with the following items: Tape Change Box or apron. The apron is nice because you can add a name tag, decorate with pins, and your money is right with you. Push Pins Merchandise bags Bottle of water Business cards Hand lotion and chapstick Tablecloth Pen and Paper (in case you get a custom order or meet up with a friend that you want to connect with later)

Don’t worry or fret about your show, just be prepared. A show can be a lot of fun, and if you are prepared in advance you will find that it IS a lot of fun! After you do a few, it will be a breeze. The biggest question is about expectations and I can tell you that I have attended and even facilitated a lot of craft shows. There is no rhyme or reason as to how much you will sell, how many people will attend etc. One year I sold 10 Friendship Kits and another year I sold about 125 at the same show! Be open with your expectations because it is very hard to determine.

We are pleased to present to you our big show newsletter, packed with ideas for your upcoming shows. The process is as easy as pie when you are organized and prepared. We’ll help you be just that!
Common Show F.A.Q.’s
holiday paper punch
Where do I find a show? Look in the events calendar & general community sections on Craigslist.com.  

Contact your local Chamber for a list. Our large holiday show in Montana is $60 a booth and we often share a section to cut the costs. It is nice to have a partner at these events.

What form of payment will you take? Cash, checks, etc. Decide these things in advance so you have a quick answer for your customer.

How much inventory should I take? This is the biggest question……trial and error. Don’t take more than your car can hold but don’t take too little either. You need to have a nice table display and from there you will just have to experiment to see what the customers are looking for.

How soon should I sign up for a show? As soon as possible, most shows fill up so you want to make sure you get in as early as possible.

What is a good lead in to my table? A give away! People love things for free and you can set up a small bowl or candy or have a drawing. Decorate a drawing box and have an entry form for them to fill out. You can also ask them on the form if they would like to join your mailing list and this is a SUPER way to get new customers to share your specials with. Just choose one item to give and the outcome is worth it.

What should I NOT do at the show? Don’t sit and read a book! Show your excitement about your product and your visitors. Stand, Smile and walk around to help them with suggestions etc. Tell them about the drawing and give them a free sample.

How many catalogs or samples should I take? Take what you can afford to take. If you can’t afford catalogs, then develop a page of information and print it on the computer. Add it to a clear bag such as a pretzel bag and tie with colorful ribbons. Make a small Sample bag using a tape seal bag, information brochure, business card and a piece of candy. These will be snagged up! Set up a basket so each person can take one.

Should I have a show special? Surely! This is a one day special and you can advertise it by printing off a page description and placing it in a picture frame. This gives a look of importance.

Show Seller Ideas
oven mitt
Maybe you already have inventory or maybe you need a few more ideas of items to have at your upcoming show. We have those too! The photo shows oven mitt sets which are fun sellers and easy to make with a few untensils, and tag attached that reads “I have to ad-MITT you are special”.Other items that are inexpensive to make and sell are: 

  • Survival kits and gift bags http://www.printablesforyou.net offers free printables
  • Items for men
  • Cello bags filled with nuts, dipped pretzels or cookies
  • Decorated candy bars
More Show Ideas….Display Set Up
Now this is where you can really get yourself frustrated if you are not prepared so we are going to tell you the easiest way to do this. The first thing to do is Google search such as “Jewelry craft show display” or “gift basket craft show display” and you will pick up some ideas to look at right away. Then the best thing you can do is set up a table in your house a week or less before your show. Set up your display so when it is show time you can do this in a jiffy. If you are really uncomfortable with the thought of forgetting, then take a digital picture of each 1/2 of the table and print it. Take it with you to the show.1. A few ways to kick up your table is to use a tablecloth. If you don’t have one, you can pick up a colorful one at the dollar store.2. Add a colorful vase of artificial flowers, or holiday flowers around your items. 

3. Place your items in baskets with colorful curl ribbon tied to them. Look around your house for creative containers, you don’t need to spend a lot to set up a display. Be sure to put signs on your baskets or containers with prices. People don’t like to ask for pricing and the signs will look great if you print them from the computer, (black ink is fine) then border them with colored paper.

4. Another great idea is to place a few shallow boxes like 5″ high under your tablecloth. Then display featured items on that. This gives it some height and doesn’t cost anything to do it.

Free Weekend Special and New Items
tiny cont
Look at these darling little containers filled with ribbon! This weekend starting now through Sunday midnight you will receive one free with any order with shipping charges. It is a tiny storage container that is great for beads, buttons, etc. and filled with 1 yard of ribbon. You can see these under July Specials when shopping. You may see this set available on the shopping cart in the future. Here is a schedule of new products for you! 

  • This week – New Music Note Paper Punch Pack
  • New Holiday Paper Punch Pack
  • New Fall Treat Bags
  • New Candy Corn Bags
  • New Fall Leaf Sticks
  • Week of 7/18 -New Holiday Holiday Baking Cup Set
  • New Mini Holiday Paper Treat Bags
  • New Paper Gift Tags
  • LOT’S of New Gift Items Added
  • Week of 7/25 New Gingerbread Cello Bags


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