Couple of Event Reminders

1. Az. Filler Pack Crazy 4 Coupons bag packing party.

Saturday July 2nd.
12:00 pm
my house

500 of your advertising pieces for only $35.00 can go into our bags. See website for more information, and contact me to RSVP to help stuff bags for a special price incentive.

2. Mighty Cup Market in Downtown Glendale

Saturday Sept. 24th
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
see website for full details

3. Applebee’s

Every Wednesday, ALL Applebee’s have a Girls Night Out Happy Hour and they are looking for vendors to set up in their store for a few hours each and every Wednesday evening. Contact the restaurant closes to you for more information. If you contact Central and Camelback ask for Alicia and tell her I sent you.

4. Greenway Highschool

This year we are celebrating our 20th year of the Greenway Band and Orchestra Craft Fair and Car Show! It’s hard to believe that we have been doing this event for that many years!

The event will take place on Sunday, December 11th. We hope you will join us and bring your business to our event to make it a very special year.
We are looking into getting a radio station to do a live remote and possibly a t.v. news station to come and report the event.

There are going to be some changes from what we had in previous years due to new parents organizing and running the event.

If you or anyone you know that has a crafting, specialty food business, jewelry, products such as Tupperware, cosmetics, art, or any specialty product that you sell, We would love to have you at our show! We are trying to get as many businesses to join our event as we can this year.

I will be getting more information out to all of you as soon as possible. I am trying to update our vendor lists, so if you or anyone you know are interested in being on my list please forward me your information.

I believe this year we are having our show at a really great time because it is so close to the Christmas Season. We will have lots of customers coming to purchase Christmas Gifts!

We are looking into better ways to advertise our event so that we have a great turnout. If you have any insights on places to advertise and get the word out we would greatly appreciate it. If any of you could send me your actual mail address, I would like to send you an application and welcome for our craft fair for the 2011 year. I apologize in advance if this email has been sent you in error. I am still trying to figure out the list of past vendors on the email list. If you were a vendor from last years craft show we would like to give you the opportunity to reserve your spot from last year if you still would like to have that same spot. We will have a deadline of September 23rd , 2011 to pre-reserve your spot from last year. After that we will have all the spots up for grabs.

Again, I just want to say welcome. We hope you will join us and make this the best craft fair and car show year ever! My phone number is 602-400-8213 and I would love to talk to you if you have any questions, comments or concerns, Also if you would like to let me know of your interest for this year’s show. I want you to be able to SAVE THE DATE, much more info and craft show applications, and flyers will be sent very soon. Please let all your friends know about our event and please forward this email to anyone who might be interested in selling their goods at our show.


Tammy Lancaster

President of FGB &O
Greenway High School
43rd Ave & Greenway

Leila Osborn

FREE Clothing Exchange! See our webpage for more information

Be Exclusive with the Az Filler Pack’s Exclusive Members Club!

Az. Chic Boutique
Shopping fun for everyone!


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