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I’ts that time again! Time to think about dad, so let’s do it!
Welcome to your next edition of your Wrap Friday Newsletter. This week we will focus a bit on Father’s Day with some awesome tips and more great company news. Enjoy!
Wrap Tip

Using a masculine gift basket box, or a plastic toolbox such as the one shown, fill it with goodies that dad is sure to love! We started by taping the lid from the top open to the back, we then filled with great things that dad loves giving him lots to open. We rolled a magazine up and tied with ribbon then filled cello bags with tools, munchies, a CD, playing cards.
Don’t forget to put in dad’s favorite treats, like candy, drinks, maybe he would even need some new tools at that! 🙂 I know one thing my dad loves is a simple $5 Dairy Queen gift cart. He likes to go and get his very own banana split whenever he wants. This gift is sure to please the dad in your world!

Product Feature!

Here is a fun and colorful filled cone bag that Diana West of Eau Claire, WI made for her daughter’s third grade class. She made 21 of these fun cones and premade the ribbons attaching to a twist lock for quick closure of the cone bag. Look how beautifully this is filled up with the stunning colored ribbons on top!
This is easy to make and a very popular item. You can use twist ties or tags to close the cone bag at the top as well. The colorful candy mix is just something you want to look at and not even open. Great job Diana!

No one should be without the famous cone bag.

Just Darling.

Can you say Amazing Clearance? Oh yeah!

We are sweeping and cleaning, making store for all of the wonderful new items you see on the shopping cart. Next time you are browsing around, be sure to stop by the Amazing Clearance category where you are sure to see many more items at great deals and steals. Limited quanties though and that isn’t just a sales pitch! We have moved some items over from the gift categories to clearance and we are working on condensing a few more categories on the shopping cart. We are adding new ideas and links everyday to our website to give you more and more information that will aid you in increased sales. Stay with us to see so many new things coming aboard. Thank you. broom

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this weeks edition of your Wrap Friday Newseltter, and as always have a cellorrific week!



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