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Summer Fun Ideas, Sweet Wrapping Treats and Sweet Specials!
Hey All,

Thank you for joining us this Weekend. We have a new hostess game for you, along with some updates of new products and a special weekly discount.
favor cup
Hostess Game
Here is a little summer fun. Set up a display of these sweet favor cups filled with candies around your home party presentation area or open house table. Mark the bottom of two of them with a sticker or X with a marker. Throughout your presentation, pick a person to choose their candy gift (fill them with different kinds of candies). Then tell them to look at the bottom. The person that has the mark wins an extra prize. Spread this out throughout your presentation. For example: pick a person every 10 minutes. They not only get a gift to take home, someone gets an extra gift. Favor cups, tulle circles, and ribbon are all available on our website.
New Items
Fun summertime products are here! We have added the following this week:

  • Cupake Ribbon $2.25
  • Ladybug Ribbon $2.25
  • Fabric Flowers $1.00
  • Journaling Tickets $1.00
  • White Krinkle Shred $2.25
  • Blue Krinkle Shred $2.25

Be sure and spread the word that we’ll be giving away prizes to those who join our newsletter and those already in it are also entered. You can see the link about this on our website on the right hand side “Win Prizes” also more details on Facebook. If you haven’t joined in on Facebook or Twitter, please do. Lots of fun in store!


Lonna Weidemann
Cello In a Box Co.

Save 25% This week our new White Krinkle Shred is 25% off as a new product promo! You can find this shred in the New Items category and also June Specials.

The white krinkle shred only takes a few pinches to top off a package. Add a few strands to your business card marketing packs, a gift mug wrapped up or add a small handful to the top of a gift basket after you fill it up. No need to use an entire bag.


Offer Expires: June 9, 2011Just $1.69 this week



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