Thoughts for Thursday May 26th

Thoughts for Thursday May 26th

Good morning all, it is a beautiful day here in Sunny Az. and the weather is just about perfect.

We are lovin life today, we had 2 kick butt meetings this week, with 4 new people joining us, 1 even found us on LinkedIn very nice. 3 of the 4 were from completely different sides of town, all of which are in need of new leaders, 2 out of the 3 have offered to step up and rebuild the meetings out in Laveen, and Goodyear, David and Star both have a ton of energy and are total go getters and ready to go, go, go!

Star is with ABBA an Independant Health and Life Insurance Co. built with the Small Business owner in mind, she is restarting our Laveen Meetings, and David who lives in Buckeye, is the Owner of Social Media Esquire, and will be revamping our Goodyear meeting. More information on both of those meetings to follow in the next few days, once they have dates & times for their meetings all figured out.

We also have Hilary, who lives out in the Gilbert/Mesa area, whom I will be chatting with about taking over and leading the 2 Thursday meetings out there. Hilary too is in Social Media training.

Hillary won our very 1st RSVP drawing, on Tuesday night and David won on Wednesday, they both chose the Az. Filler Pack Gift Certs.

For those that don’t know about our drawings, if you live in Arizona and plan on attending any of our meetings the 1st 5 people that have RSVP’d and actually shown up to the meeting, get their name thrown in a bucket, at the end of the meeting we will draw for a prize donated by our members.

There are 3 really great places I would like to share with you,

1. If you are in the Metropolitan Phoenix, area at all and closer to Downtown Phoenix, at 3rd Ave. & McDowell Rd. there is this awesome little store called Ecocentricity, Laural is trying to help the world be green, by having awesome fun repurposed products in her store, one mans trash is another mans treasure, so find some fun trash today and turn it into something NEW and fun, that is what Ecocentricity is all about, turning the old into something new and usable once again, save our landfills, save our earth. You can find her online at Facebook search Ecocentricity.

2. Is Redesign by Adeline, who is a 5th grader from back east I beleive some where, she comes up with some of the cutest redesign ideas for old shirts that her dad & grandpa did not wear any more, she designs & cuts them out and her Grandmother sews them back to gether, turning them into adorable little girl dresses, dog collars, purses, wine bottle holders, pants for a toddler and more! She has an Etsy shop and can also be found on Facebook at Redesign by Adeline, I will be featuring her products at our Markets.

3. Is I am Momma hear me Roar!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog, keeping with the remodeling, upcycling, reusing theme, Momma makes everything she touches her own! The woman is brilliant and has some of the most funtastic ideas, another blog I could get lost in for hours, and hours, I can’t wait to get to Wal-Mart to buy new supplies for my scarves, and put her brains to work. You will find Momma/Cheri at

We only have 1 meeting next week and that is our Westgate Wednesdays meeting, at 9:15 am so we would love to see you all there! With only 1 meeting, I may just beable to get caught up on some much needed office work.

ONLY 8 more days till the Tim McGraw Concert, and I am so totaly jazzed! I am taking Amelia and Joi with me as a Thank you for being so good to me and helping to make this group a big success! Gotta Love my girls!

Ok, I believe that is all for now, I need to get myself up and going for our meeting in Avondale this morning at 9:15 then a fun shopping spree at Hobby Lobby!!! Woo Hooo!

You all smile and have a GREAT DAY!!!!


Leila Osborn

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